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The Ottoman Empire was an example of a responsible Islamic group. Muslims associated with the Ottoman Empire made significant advances in society as scientists and mathematicians. The studied space and the planets and moons. Their architecture is amazing, and they built prolifically throughout the lands that the Empire encompassed. Castles and mosques cover the entire landscape, and each is more beautiful and intricate as the next. The Ottoman Empire was not about forcing its opinions on foreigners or fighting against those who are not the same by producing terror. Since I was a young child I, have learned a lot about the Ottoman Empire. I have visited many of the castles and other Ottoman landmarks that dot the landscape. I have read many books and am knowledgeable about the Empire. I am concerned that advances and lifestyle, that the Ottoman Empire created is being ignored due to the violent actions of a handful of individuals.

New Islamic groups such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, and Boko Haram are changing the religious landscape and are allowing people from other religions to develop stereotypes about Muslims. I am very concerned about their behavior and how it not only is violent and killing people, but also forces those who do not understand Islam to think that everyone, who believes in this religion, are killers and terrorists. There are more than 1.5 billion Muslims around the world. In fact, almost 1 quarter of all people is Muslim. The amount of individuals who are terrorists or are involved in violent behaviors in the name of Islam is minuscule in comparison to the total Islamic population.

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Islamic terrorist groups can be found in almost every country with a significant Muslim population. ISIS, a relatively new addition to the Islamic terrorist groups, is headed to Syria and Iraq. ISIS has taken a stance of extreme violence, even beheadings, in order to drive the Islamic mission. Boko Haram is located in Nigeria and surrounding countries in Africa. This group has killed thousands of men, women, and children by burning swaths of villages. Al Qaeda, headed in Afghanistan, has undertaken countless attacks against Western countries and democracy, the most recent being the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical magazine which publishes many political cartoons to describe the way that society is viewing relevant topics. A few years ago the magazine posted a cartoon depicting the Islamic prophet, Mohammed. This apparently angered many Islamic extremists as there have been multiple attacks on the magazine since. Many people feel that the magazine poked the beast by publishing the cartoon. You don’t go into a bull fight with a red cape without thinking that the bull is going to attack. You don’t publish a cartoon making fun of the profit of a religion that has been known to have some extremists tied to it without thinking that you are going to be attacked. This way of thinking, while popular among some, is blaming the victim. This thinking is equivalent to telling a rape victim it is her fault that she shouldn’t have been wearing a short skirt.

Islamic terrorist groups are killing and harming people in order to gain respect for their religion. Instead, they are damaging the way that others think about Muslims and the ideals of Islam. These extremists are causing people to think that all Muslims are violent, and therefore the advances, that the Ottoman Empire made, are being diminished. I am disappointed that all of the science, math, and architectural advances that the Empire made, as well as their way of life and society will be stereotyped by the actions of Islamic extremists.

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