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Issues That Arise in Construction Project Management

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Construction project managers are constantly burdened by numerous challenges. Some of these challenges are direct consequences of the construction activities whereas others are a result of indirect activities. The direct challenges that are commonly faced by a construction manager include the rising costs of the construction, time duration and quality of the construction. The indirect challenges include environmental issues, legal and socio- political factors (Pierce, 2013). However, it should be noted that both the direct and indirect challenges of a construction management project are affected by other factors and the construction manager should be vigilant of the outcomes.

Construction project management just like any other industry requires a proficient legal structure, human resource department and keen considerations on the work force. The construction industry similar to other industries is liable to the legal structure pertaining to a specific state inclusive of the other legal implications. The construction industry is managed by contract agreement that sometimes fail, thus causing claims and disagreements. The aim of the construction manager is to evade the claims and ensure amicable resolutions to disagreements are achieved.

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The work force consideration is another challenge the construction project managers face. People are an integral part of the construction industry as they possess the skills and knowledge about the whole construction process (Baldwin & Bordoli, 2014). Availability of expert managerial team to lead and manage the operations is fundamental. The major problem in this case is assembling and recruiting adequate numbers of both the skilled and unskilled employees. This is because construction job is considered as a dangerous profession.

In the construction industry unlike others, practicing human resource policies becomes a struggle due to the short notice when it comes to awarding contracts (Gould & Joyce, 2014). This therefore limits the domain to exercise a clear human resource strategy. Construction management faces many challenges which can cause numerous problems to the overall success of the project.

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