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Founded in 2006, Guangdong Jianke Pharmaceutical is a private company that operates several pharmacies, four small hospitals, as well as, a popular online pharmacy known for its competitive prices and excellent customer service (Bloomberg, 2018; Pitch Book, 2017).

Jianke seeks to improve the Chinese healthcare sector by integrating new technologies into traditional hospitals and improving Chinese consumers’ access to quality medical care and affordable drugs. In 2017, CEO Fangmin Xie made it clear that his ultimate goal is to open a large number of smart hospitals where healthcare professionals can use the latest digital technologies to manage their appointments and communicate with their patients (Fanbin, 2017).

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As a company that sells pharmaceuticals both online and offline and operates four hospitals that offer a wide range of medical services, Jianke does not target a specific customer segment. With that being said, its growing presence in Hainan – which is expected to become a very important medical tourism destination within a few years – suggests that Jianke may be slowly switching from a mass marketing strategy to a more targeted one. In 2017, Xie announced plans for the construction of Hainan International Cloud Hospital, an innovative medical institution that is expected to attract a large number of medical tourists to the small province of Hainan (Fanbin, 2017).

As China’s largest B2C pharmacy, Jianke faces intense competition from both Alibaba, which has recently incorporated Tmall’s assets into its own “Health” category / division, and Jingdong (, a large e-commerce platform based in Beijing. As a medical equipment wholesaler, Jianke faces competition from foreign suppliers and manufacturers which may provide other Chinese hospitals with reasonably-priced, technologically-advanced medical equipment.

Janke’s headquarters are based in Guangdong Province, in Southeast China. However, the company is planning on building hospitals – many of which will be community hospitals – all over the country and its online platform delivers to all Chinese addresses. With Xie planning to get Jianke listed on the New York Stock Exchange within the next three years, it is highly likely that the company intends to turn its online pharmacy into an international platform where people from all over the world can purchase affordable, perfectly safe drugs (Fanbin, 2017).

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