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We cannot overstate the influence of our life experiences on our dreams and goals. I am fortunate to have born and grown up in economically prosperous family in Cameron and had access to the best of learning resources. But at the same time, I have also always been an acute observer of my surroundings and the reality that most of my country mates are not as lucky as me never escaped my attention. Thus, I decided to choose a career that will help me make a difference in the society. I completed my undergraduate degree in Law with 3.89 GPA (assessed by Educational Perspective Evaluation Center of Chicago) from University of Yaounde II Soa, Cameroon in 2009. By the time I graduated, I had already completed Employee Rights and Company Obligations workshop at Cameron Development Corporation as well as Conflict Resolution Seminar which had been organized by the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

While pursuing my law degree, I volunteered at the National Anti-Corruption Commission (CONAC) which helped me better understand the political and social structure of the country and how a strong legal infrastructure is essential to economic progress. I also learnt during my time at CONAC that weak enforcement of the laws was not the only problem but also insufficient body of laws that may and promote economic equity and social justice. I also left my volunteer experience convinced that change will only come through citizens like me. In addition to my experiences at CONAC, I also worked as a paralegal at a local law firm Abunow in Limbe, Cameron. At Abunow, I primarily dealt with clients and guided them through the whole legal procedure as well as prepared them for interviews. The experience didn’t only help me better understand the framework of national legal system but also gave me useful insights into the issues that prevent speedy delivery of justice to ordinary citizens. After Abunow, I worked as a compliance officer at Cameron Development Corporation during my last year of study. As a compliance officer, I kept close tab at national rules and regulations and ensured the organization is in compliance with all of them including labor laws. I also provided legal guidance to employees and resolved their legal issues. These volunteer and work experiences didn’t only provide me comprehensive understanding of Cameron’s legal, social, and cultural issues but also provided several ideas regarding steps individuals like me could take to help the country realize its true potential.

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While working at Abunow Law Firm, I was also preparing for national bar exam to become full-fledged lawyer in Cameron but a visit to Chicago in the U.S. inspired me to make a temporary career transition to healthcare field. In order to become Certified Nursing Assistant, I obtained training in Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and First Aid and my first job was as a mental health counselor at Lydia Healthcare in Robins, IL. Thus, I have been a mental healthcare professional since 2010 and currently I am employed at Methodist Hospital of Chicago. As a mental health professional, I have provided a wide range of services to patients over the years including evaluating new patients, providing psychological therapy, monitoring patient behaviors and progress, and developing alternative treatment plans. In addition to technical skills, I have also developed certain soft skills such as people skills, leadership, team work, time management, communication, and cross-cultural skills. But more than anything else, the experiences reminded me work is not always about economic rewards and the satisfaction gained from making a positive difference in someone’s life cannot be put in words. The experiences also reminded me that social challenges are not limited to third world countries only but exist in first world countries, too.

One of the reasons first world countries have made progress is because change almost always starts from the bottom and citizens here take the initiative. This realization has been one of the major drivers behind my decision to go back to Law school and use my education and experience to bring change in my native country Cameron. I am specifically choosing business law because I have seen the power of economic progress in initiating social progress and one can see it now happening in many countries in Asia. Using my experiences, my international perspectives, and background in business law, my ultimate goal would be to help create business-friendly environment in Cameron that encourages foreign direct investment and also promotes entrepreneurship among the country’s residents.

Northwestern University was a natural choice for me because of the university’s academic excellence as well as strong professional network with global reach. Northwestern University also became my first choice due to its accelerated LLM program because time is of the essence. I have no doubt Northwestern University will provide me with a strong foundation in business law which should help me pass the California Bar Exam. After gaining some experience as well as expanding my professional network, I hope to return to Cameron soon and in addition to developing the private sector, I also plan to collaborate with international partners to develop a legal framework in the country that promotes economic growth and makes Cameron a model for its neighbors. Cameron can be the proof that peace and stability can be achieved through economic prosperity instead of military might.

I will bring unique perspectives and background into the program and hope my insights will benefit my fellow students who are extremely talented and come from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. In fact, I expect a significant amount of learning through interaction with fellow students who may help me develop ideas as to how I can use my skills and knowledge to achieve my long-term goal of helping Cameron become a major economic player in the region.

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