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LGBTQ Rights: Extended Essay

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In recent years, LGBTQ individuals have been able to secure more rights and protections in matters regarding to same-sex marriage, gay bullying, and the ability to join groups and organizations that have only previously accepted heterosexual individuals. For example, since 2004, gay marriage rights in the United States has skyrocketed enabling LGBTQ individuals to able to marry in most states across the country. States such as Iowa, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, California, and Alabama all legally recognize LGBTQ marriage (Human Rights Campaign , 2011- 2015). However, the fight for LGBTQ rights has not been easy to secure. Securing equal rights for LGBTQ individuals has been largely based on advocacy work by gay rights groups and individuals persons who have put their efforts to push for a change in the legislation.

Same sex marriage laws have been the result of agencies and individuals pushing for change. Zach Wahls, the Family Equality Council (FEC), The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) have hosted seminars, held talks with the Congress, created petitions, and participated in political lobbying to push for same sex couple to be given rights to marry (LGBT basic rights and liberties, 2015). Advocacy often exerts political pressure on people who are in a position to change laws and provide funding to help educate people about LGBTQ discrimination and oppression, as well as promote ways to help the gay community secure the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts.

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In some instances, bullying directed against LGBTQ individuals has been combatted and addressed by ordinary citizens and celebrities. When compared to heterosexual teenagers, LGBTQ youth are 40% more likely to attempt suicide, which makes fighting against gay bullying even more important (AHRQ, 2012). The Trevor Project, the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Act in 1998, Dan Savage’s YouTube “It Gets Better” project and book, Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” Foundation have all helped to increase and reduce bullying committed against the LGBTQ youth (Savage, 2011). Federal laws that require educational staff to report bullying incidents and create anti-bullying policies have increased awareness of LGBTQ bullying and its damaging effects. As a result, perpetrators are now more accountable for their actions.

Anti-gay groups and movements have been exposed to the public and subjected to petitions, suggesting that they adopt more gay friendly legislation. The Boy Scouts of America have revamped part of their heterosexist membership policies regarding gay people (Bonoir, 2013). Similalry, anti-gay groups such as Salvation Army, Macy’s, and the National Organization for Marriage have been exposed to the public by HRC, ACLU, and FEC, these groups convincing some of these organizations to change their policies via petitions and public pressure (Human Rights Campaign , 2015; American Civil Liberties Union, 2015; Family Quality, 2015).

Positive LGBTQ change has been made possible by advocacy work from gay rights groups such as HRC, ACLU, and the FEC and individuals persons in various parts of the world. These advocates have pushed for legislative change that has so far helped LGBTQ people secure gay marriage rights, get protection against bullying, and join groups that prohibited LGBTQ people from being members. Hopefully, someday, every LGBTQ individual will have the same rights as heterosexual people, a more just world our reward. In addition, the fundamentalist religious groups are expected to change their views. Even though gay rights groups and movement have faced a lot of hurdles in their quest to ensure justice for LGBT, significant milestones have achieved but a lot needs to be accomplished.

Every person should be given full range of civil rights and civil liberties regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity or personality. Such liberties and rights should include the right to marry, freedom from discrimination in any public place, and the guarantee of partner/spousal benefits. Unless and until the LGBTQ are allowed to fully enjoy similar rights and freedoms as their counterparts who are heterosexual, the society’s promise of equality in justice under the law will forever remain unfulfilled (Amnesty International, 2014). Every individual in the society has their own sexual orientation and gender identity. This common fact means that any form of discrimination against the members of LGBTQ on the basis of sexual orientation or identity is a concern that exceeds that specific community and also affects us all.

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