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Looks Are Not Everything

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The talk by Cameron Russell really made me think how we teach children it is not how they look that matters but what they do yet our appearances do play a role in our lives. While Russell talked about the modeling industry, I feel it applies to other professions as well. I have read on the internet how taller heights and slimmer physiques give you an advantage in the financial sector as well, particularly in fields like investment banking. Similarly, there have been studies which discovered peers and managers gave more favorable performance reviews to those who were deemed attractive. While the society has made lot of progress, it is clear we continue to judge people on the basis of how they look. Even Russell noted this thing when she reminded the audience how someone from a minority group is far more likely to be stopped by the law enforcement people in New York as compared to someone from a Caucasian background.

Cameron Russell points out many girls and young women are unhappy with their bodies. This trend only increases as they grow older. She also reminds us almost every fashion ad is photoshopped. This is disturbing because it is clear fashion industry and marketers are contributing to growing sense of insecurity among young women by presenting unrealistic images. Similarly, they are also contributing to the idea that only tall and slim women can be beautiful. I have read many stories to know eating disorders affect many women and constant exposure to unrealistic beauty images is a major culprit. I wish more companies and even fashion publications come out against this trend of promoting unrealistic images. It will not only be a right thing but may also be good for their business. These measures will show such companies to be more responsible citizens of the society.

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