Mac vs. Windows

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Choosing the right operating system is an important choice that will affect the compatibility and usability of the system. Although other choices in operating systems are now available, Mac and Windows are still the two most popular choices on the consumer market. Consumers often feel loyal to one or the other. The following will compare and contrast Mac and Windows systems.

The main advantage of Windows OS is that it offers the widest compatibility with other systems and older software and Hardware (Hoffman, 2014). Windows 8.1 makes connecting to other devices such as tablets, laptops, and cell phones easy to set up. This is one of the features that makes Windows one of the more popular choices. There are a number of devices at various price ranges for this operating system. A key disadvantage to Windows systems is that because it is one of the most popular systems, most malware is written for Windows (Hoffman, 2014). Windows is the target of more security threats than a Mac.

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Mac operating systems are considered to have superior hardware to Windows systems (Hoffman, 2014). They are considered high-end machines, but they also have a high-end price. Macs are known for their graphics capabilities. Much of the software such as Photoshop and Microsoft Office have been written for Macs (Hoffman, 2014). However, there is much more software available for Windows systems by comparison. This is changing, as more web-based software is becoming available for Macs. Mac users tend to be passionate about their machines. Their biggest draw is that they are more secure and less likely to be the object of a malware attack (“Choosing an Operating System”, 2015).

The Mac interface is considered intuitive and easy to use by many users (“Choosing an Operating System”, 2015). There is often a learning curve with the Windows interface, particularly when switching from Windows 7 or XP to Windows 8 (Hoffman, 2014). Mac has been accused as being too expensive for the software that you get (Glenn, 2014). Windows is considered the better gaming system, with more choices in graphics cards available (Glenn, 2014). Mac users like the clean start-up of the Mac. There is not a lot of software to lead and no pre-installed programs that slow the machine down (Williams, 2013). Mac also has better power management than Windows OS (Williams, 2013).

When one compares Windows OS to a Mac, which is better depends on what you want to do with it. The Mac is a more secure system and makes better use of its resources. Most people consider Mac to be better quality hardware. Most consider it easier to learn than Windows driven system. Even when upgrading from one Windows system to another, there is often a need to re-learn and unlearn habits that were part of the older versions. This is why Mac users quickly become loyal Mac fans.

If one needs to be compatible with different systems or work in groups, Windows is the best choice. Cross platform compatibility and the number of choices available makes Windows the best choice for businesses that must connect with other systems. They are the most popular choice for those that need to connect with the rest of the world. The choice of whether to go with a Mac or Windows largely depends on budget and whether connectivity is important. If one wants security and stability, the Mac is the preferred machine. However, the Mac user may find themselves isolated in a Windows driven world. The Mac is a workhorse, but Windows is the preferred choice for most users due to cost and compatibility. The only recommendation is that when choosing a Windows OS, one should be willing to get the best security software available.

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