Samples Narrative Macbeth’s Coronation Dinner and Preparations for Banquo’s Funeral

Macbeth’s Coronation Dinner and Preparations for Banquo’s Funeral

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The feast hall was alive with the usual trappings and revelry one would expect at the coronation dinner of such an honored future King as Macbeth. The feast table overflowed with roasted pig, geese, venison, and every fruit and vegetable imaginable. Macbeth sat at the end of the grand feast table drinking from his gold-rimmed goblet, trying not to show his inner turmoil. Suddenly, he looked up and saw a specter that sent fear down his spine. The King paled and beads of sweat began to appear on his brow. He glanced at his hands only to find them dripping with blood. In the rest of the grand hall all else went on a usual with shouts and toasts to the new King. Macbeth tried to wash the blood from his hands but it would not disappear. The ghost of Banquo began to grin from ear to ear, and then laugh heartily as Macbeth’s attempts to clean the blood from his hands became more desperate.

The three witches enter the feast hall quietly and encircle MacDuff. They begin whispering something into MacDuff’s ear and pointing with crooked fingers towards Macbeth. MacDuff’s face turns red, with a mixture of shock and anger. He turns abruptly to glare at Macbeth. Macbeth looks up from his hands just in time to see the three sisters vanish into thin air. He catches MacDuff’s icy glare and his set jaw. Macbeth begins to panic. He knocks over a glass of wine, knocking his plate to the floor. His hands begin to tremble visibly. The feast hall falls silent as all eyes turn to the future King.

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Later, Lady Macbeth and her husband prepare themselves for the task of putting Banquo to rest. Lady Macbeth tries to appear stoic to her husband, providing a pillar of strength upon which he can lean. As Macbeth peers at the body laid out for the funeral, he believes that he sees the body breathing. The eyes of the corpse open suddenly and look him in the eye. He begins to tremble. Lady Macbeth approaches her husband and places a calming hand on his shoulder. Together they try to gather their strength for the funeral to come. No one must know their secret.