Marketing Strategies in Portakabin

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How have Portakabin used MR to develop their market Position?

It has helped them to know exactly what the customers want and what is required in the market. This makes them to stay up to date on the changing needs and trends in the market and work towards providing satisfaction to the market 1. The flexibility that is exhibited after conducting market research has made them understand what the customer wants and this enables them to attract new customers besides maintaining their old customers. This has made them acquire a top position in the market.

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How could MR data be leveraged by R&D at Portakabin to develop products?
The marketing research data is very essential in research development. This is because it is used to identify the current trends in the market 2. The data is taken through scientific methods to know what the demands are in the market. The trends can enable the development team to predict what future needs can be. Establishing future needs can enable Portacabin to embrace innovation and creativity to cover those needs. This can position the company strategically in the market 1.

How would working conditions in the UK impact on Portakabin sales?
The physical environment dictates the working conditions and performance. Portacabin is a company that evaluates the market to determine the exact needs for specific companies. Working conditions would increase Portacabin’s sales because the marketing team is always in the forefront to determine what is required in the market. Portacabin’s products are customized according to the needs of the client 2.

What competitive advantage could Portakabin achieve through MR?
Marketing research enables Portacabin to know the exact customer needs. This makes them develop customized products that match the exact customer need. It also assists in studying every environment to know acquire value adding techniques. These products enable Portacabin to suit the exact customer needs and this increases the quality of their products. This makes the difference between Portacabin and the other companies and thus giving them a competitive advantage 1.

Market research has helped Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge. Discuss?
Marketing research has enabled Portacabin to acquire accurate information of the activities in the market. Portacabin had adopted intensive research methods through primary and secondary research so as to ascertain what is required in the industry. It has enabled to adopt effective strategies for marketing and sales so as to acquire specific segments in the market. It also enables them to assess various logistics that enable them to develop timely products of high quality as per customer requirements 2.

Once new products are on the market is there a need for market research and if so what could be done?
Once new products are on the market, there is need for marketing research. This research enables the company to know the additional features they need to adopt so as to increase the quality and add value to the products. Market needs are very dynamic and thus they need constant monitoring to identify the smallest changes that can make the company have a difference.

What other types of client information could be obtained for helping Portakabin shape their marketing strategy?
This research can assist Portakabit acquire different informance that can make them cover an extra mile. This can enable them study the environmental conditions like the climate. This will also make them acquire basic social and cultural structures within their environment. The cultural orientations can dictate the structure that an organization or an individual may require 1. This research can give them firsthand information on the demographic setup and enable them adjust accordingly in order to suit the various situations.

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