Marketing Strategy For An Airline Company

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The airline company wishes to gain market shares in previously untapped markets. In order to do so, it has decided to provide travel to alternative markets, specifically International Educational Tours, offering discounted group rates to students who are travelling internationally with a teacher for the purposes of a school trip or function. In order to market to this new target market, a new pitch has been generated specifically for this market, one that will address the four P’s of marketing: product, price, promotion, and place.

The pitch that has been created, allowing for the offering of International Educational Tours, is as follows:
“In today’s global world, now more than ever, it is essential for students of all walks of life to be able to understand and experience as many different cultures as possible. In order to work to ensure the continued successes of our students in an ever changing world, The Airline has worked to create International Educational Tour packages, ensuring that students are able to experience these cultures firsthand, immersing themselves within the cultures as opposed to simply reading about them in a text.”

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This pitch works to clearly identify the product being offered, flight packages that may be utilized in conjunction with tour packages for the purposes of providing students with a multicultural experience. The product not only fulfills a niche for the target market, but is presented in a package that will be attractive to those within the target market, implying the necessity of utilizing the service as a valuable life lesson, one that the student may need in order to succeed later in life.

The pricing options will be based on the options offered, giving discounted rates to student and teacher groups travelling to the international destinations offered by the airline. In this manner, the airline is able to fill more seats, increasing their overall profits, while at the same time working to cater to the needs of the specific demographic, students and teachers, who are traditionally placed in financially tight situations, making the discounted option appealing to the students and teachers (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2005). This will likewise make the prices seem reasonable while at the same time not being so low as to prevent the airline from generating a profit.

The packages will be promoted through educational portals online and will be promoted to high school and college programs, ensuring that the placement of the information is appropriate enough to be able to ensure that all individuals in the target market are able to benefit from the offered packages (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2005).
Finally, the promotion of the new service offering will be done in a manner that works to continually put the offerings in view of the target market, increasing their desirability and, as a result, working to increase the amount of individuals who are likely to take advantage of such an offering (Ehmke, Fulton, & Lusk, 2005).

In this manner, not only will the airline be able to tap into their new target market, they will be able to reach out to those who are most likely to take advantage of the new profit, making it a win-win situation for the airline. The utilization of the four P’s of marketing will work to further increase the likelihood of the airline to benefit from the foray into the new target market, and the students will benefit in that they will be able to experience something that they may not otherwise get a chance to, ensuring that the marketing reinforces the customer centric focus of the airline (Ettenson, 2013).

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