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Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical engineering is a unique branch of science that comprises a broad range of disciplines. Modern world changes quickly due to engineering technologies and solutions. One can hardly imagine the life without household appliances, vehicles, utilities, etc. All engineering achievements make our life better and more convenient. The engineering will remain relevant in future as it provides solutions and devices that shape our world and make it more convenient for people. Mechanical engineers develop aircrafts, agricultural equipment, different types of hardware, power plants, turbines, trains and other equipment, which is critical in our life. Each modern device is a combination of various technologies. Mechanical engineering is a very complex discipline. Therefore it is divided into different directions. Mechanical engineers use to face different challenges that require considerable knowledge and high professionalism. It is not an easy thing to be a technical engineer as such profession requires deep knowledge in various general and special disciplines. The skill level of an engineer mainly depends on its experience that one can’t gain without practice.

Idaho State University can offer students 121 credit hours and a broad fundamental ME program that helps to prepare for engineering exams. Students have a chance to make the first step in becoming licensed professional engineers. Within this program, 2 years are devoted to such disciplines as math, science and basic engineering. ME discipline, including thermal/fluids courses and mechanical course, is the focus of attention during the last 2 years of education. Moreover, students may choose one of 3 ME electives, including 3000 + engineering course. It is an excellent opportunity for students to focus on such areas as robotics, systems, biomechanics, mechanical design, thermal fluids, and energy. Upon completion of education students can take part in Senior Capstone Design Project. The university can also offer graduate school for those who want to continue education.

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