Media is Essential in Broadening of the Mind

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Brain development is a complex process. It undergoes through a series of stages that can be affected by various aspects within and outside the body. Most of the factors that control the development of the brain mare based on daily experiences that an individual encounters. In daily experiences, human beings interact with different forms of media which play a big role in the development of the mind. Being a common source of human environment, the media has big effect in the emotional, cognitive and social development of human beings. These aspects form a critical part of the human mind. Because of its impact and diverse nature, media is very essential in broadening the mind.

Media has changed the whole world into a global village. This has been enhanced with the advancement of digital media. Digital media provides a platform on which people interact and share various ideas throughout the world. These platforms expose people to the outside world and assist them to learn new things within a very short period of time. Media provides technological arenas through which an individual can ask instant questions and get instant answers. This can act as a mind gym because it enables the individual to thing very fast. This is enabled through the instant chat programs.

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The television programs play a big role in educating people especially small children. Most of the programs that are created for children assist the children to adopt creative and critical thinking. This is through the way they are able to capture the attention of the children and concentrate at them. Some of the programs leave the children to participate in some exercises that are good for the development of the brains. They use approaches that enable the children to grow gradually in the mind through a series of steps that come chronologically.

Print media and computer enabled systems also provide avenues for mind development. These include the computer games and puzzles that require people to think critically in order to work them out. Some of the instances are the stories are sometimes provided in the print media. The creative and intensive thinking activities are used to make individuals to start developing imaginations. These imaginations require deep and wide thinking and thus assist the mind in developing essential skills. These games and puzzles make an individual to progress into higher levels making him to think harder. This adds an essential attribute to the development of the brain.

In the contrary, these platforms may engage the mind negatively and promote negative development. This is because the media carries very many malicious programs that engage the mind in wasting a lot of time. These programs are very addictive and attractive. They include programs that do not have any moral lessons and are there just to cause excitement for a short period. Some of the programs inject unethical characteristics and behavior to the brains and thus cause a developmental problem. They have a big effect in the emotional setup and thus bring about moral decay in the mind.

In conclusion, media is a very common part of the society today. Its use is being adopted in every aspect of life. Apparently, media takes very many forms that include the social media platforms, print media and television. The programs available in these media initiatives are very essential in the development of the brain. Maximum output can be achieved in broadening the mind if they are correctly used. This includes using with proper instruction or guidance. Therefore, media plays a big role in broadening the mind.

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