Microsoft Universal Windows Application

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In my opinion, the progress reached with the Microsoft Universal Windows application is a significant step forward for the company and its integration to the app market. The universal windows platform brings Microsoft closer to Java Developments. It offers a lot of useful pictures, such as effective pixels and scaling, layout, inputs. The usability of the application has quite improved. However, generally speaking, the progress reached with the Java development went so much forward that the use of the new app is incomparable to the features of the Java development. I recognize the progress reached by Microsoft Universal Windows Applications, but I would remain a fan of the Java development.

As a programmer, I would choose the option of Java Development as it is better designed to reach the purpose faster. Notably, Java application is better suited for programming purposes. Even though some may consider the app as too complex as they require some prior understanding of how the Java applications function, it will be the most suitable option for me. As a programmer, I would be able to access most of its offered features and develop my product in the more comprehensive way.

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My opinion does not mean that the Microsoft Universal Windows Application is poorly designed. However, its usability is not yet as friendly as such as Java developing apps. Moreover, Java applications are better recognized among the community of programmers which provides an additional credit to its usability, too. Personally, I largely enjoy the project setup, as well as the features of testing and debugging of the applications. The process of running the application seems much smoother to me, too. As I was previously used to the Java development applications, I believe that I will feel more comfortable using them.

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