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By building Masdar City, UAE Government has demonstrated a forward-looking approach towards the future. The government probably realized mass migration from rural to urban cities as well as explosive growth in the number of global mega cities. UAE’s own experience reflects how quickly populations can rise in leading cities due to more mobile factors of production. The course in Smart Cities will help me UAE develop more cities like Masdar and even help promote sustainability culture in other cities. I expect to meet many experts from other countries which are grappling with quickly rising populations and exchange ideas. I hope I will be one of the experts who help UAE become a leader in sustainable cities and even provide assistance to other countries. UAE took a lead in building a sustainable city and the success of Masdar City will help establish UAE as an expert in sustainable living. I also hope to learn about education strategies so another benefit of the course will be that I will have more ideas as to how to educate the public.

I also plan to take a course in Energy, Sustainability, and Life Cycle Assessment. Global warming is arguably the most important global social issue that requires immediate attention. Our planet is running out of livable conditions and unless drastic measures are taken, we will leave the planet in a worse condition to future generations than how it was when we inherited it. The benefit of this course will be that it will give me better understanding of different energy sources including their practical value and environmental implications. My future goals include positively influencing public policy in areas of sustainable living and environment and this course will provide me valuable knowledge towards my public service aims. I also hope to eventually start a consulting firm that provides total sustainable solutions to public and private sector clients in the UAE.

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