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Mobile Effects on Human Beings

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There are few technologies that have been shaping our modern lifestyle as much as mobile phones. Mobile phones were quite a novelty when they were first introduced because one could make a phone call from literally anywhere and not just from home or a workplace. But mobile phone technology has become much advanced over the last decade and now mobile phones such as smart phones are almost like mini computers which we can take anywhere. Many people may say mobile phones are positively shaping our world and they will give several examples to support their claim. But at the same time, there are also people who think we should also pay attention to the negative costs of mobile phones. It is almost unimaginable not to have a mobile phone today but just as mobile phones have positive impacts on the society, they also impose certain costs on the society.

One of the benefits of mobile phones is round-the-clock connectivity. This can be, especially, convenient for professionals as it gives them more flexibility in terms of communication and also enable them to make the most of their time (Forneris). Today, mobiles phones are important productivity tools which means business people can even do their work while away from the office and even during commute. Mobile phones allow business people to serve their clients outside office because they can access data on their mobile phones. Thanks to mobile phones, workers have become more productive today as compared to the last century and this helps businesses become more efficient and profitable.

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Mobile phones also make our everyday lives easier. Many children and teenagers also have mobile phones today which means their parents can reach them anytime. Mobile tracking apps are easily available now which means parents can track their children round-the-clock even if their children may not answer the call. Mobile phones have also become reliable emergency tools because it is possible to reach police, fire department, or healthcare service anywhere (Artman). As a result, victims and patients benefit from more timely arrival of assistance.

Mobile phones have made our everyday lives easier in countless ways. Many tasks that used to require us to leave home can now be done from the comfort of our homes. These tasks include bill payments, shopping, sending money to loved ones, setting appointments, and even purchasing items that only came in physical form such as books. Similarly, people can also check their bank balances online or order food.

Mobile phones also help improve educational experiences. Students now often access online material through their mobile phones. They also use their mobile phones to interact with their instructors and fellow students. Mobile phones also provide them with more choices regarding study places. They can even study outside in the park because they can access course material online and are not limited to physical places like homes and libraries anymore.

Even the most revolutionary technologies may have costs and it is true of mobile phones, too. Thus, it is important to be aware of the shortcomings of mobile phones in order to minimize their potential costs. Even though mobile phones do help people become more productive at workplaces and in schools, they may also become a source of time wasting. Mobile phones have the potential to distract people such as browsing the internet or text messaging (Khan) during important events such as workplace meetings or class lectures. This is one reason why many instructors ban the use of mobile phones in their classes (Kiema).

Mobile phones should be used responsibly otherwise their use can impose huge social and economic costs. There are certain activities during while mobile phone should never be used yet many mobile phone owners not only put themselves in danger but also others. One activity during which mobile phone use can be quite dangerous is driving. A research by National Safety Council (NSC) revealed mobile phone use was responsible for 27 percent of car crashes in 2013.The data from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that mobile phone use is responsible for nine deaths and hundreds of injuries on a daily basis. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated the annual economic cost of motor vehicle accidents at $277 billion (Sidibe) which means mobile phone use while driving is responsible for tens of billions of dollars in economic costs if not more. It is clear mobile phone should be used responsibly otherwise it can impose huge economic and social costs on the society.

Not only adults should use mobile phone responsibly but also monitor their children. If left unsupervised, children may accidentally access adult material on the internet or may become the victim of child predators. It is a challenge for adults to protect their privacy on the internet and it should be even more difficult for children to protect themselves.

Mobile phone is a revolutionary technology and has significantly changed the society. It offers numerous benefits such as round-the-clock connectivity, higher productivity at workplace, and improved educational experience. Similarly, it can also be used to keep track of children or request help in emergency. But there are also potential costs of mobile phone if they are used irresponsibly. Mobile phone use may result in distraction at workplaces and in classrooms. They may also increase the risk of accident on the road. Last but not least, mobile phone use may put children at higher risk of exposure to inappropriate material and child predators. Thus, we should use mobile phone responsibly to maximize its benefits and minimize its costs.