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New teachers are not always able to apply higher levels of thinking to the lesson plans that they design and teach, though there are ways that they are able to work to change these practices. Bloom’s taxonomy of learning, developed in 1956, is comprised of three different types, or domains, of learning, including cognitive, affective, and psychomotor (, 2013). The new teacher is going to be primarily focused on the affective and psychomotor skills, that is, those that are concerned with a growth in feelings or emotional areas and a use of manual or physical skills (, 2013); the reason for this has to do with the fact that the new teacher has been thrust into a new environment, one that they are familiar with to a degree, through student teaching, but one that will affect them in a new way, as they will no longer have the guidance of the primary teacher, for they are the primary teacher.

The cognitive aspect of learning has to do with the mental skills that are used, including the recall and recognition of certain, or specific, types of facts (, 2013); it encompasses knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (, 2013), and because it encompasses so many of these different types of cognitive processes, the new teacher must focus on that which they are easily able to access.

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Two ways that a new teacher could more effectively model knowledge would be with a concept map and a spreadsheet in order to be able to bring in these higher levels of thinking to those lesson plans. For example, a new teacher could work to create a concept map of a particular piece of literature, using that to be able to draw the students in to a more in depth analysis of the text, instead of just pulling back and focusing on the emotional aspects of being a new teacher and of the story that is being taught and the application of the specific skill set that is created through the process of becoming a teacher. A spreadsheet may be used to work with the students in order to create a specific type of information structure regarding a specific text being discussed.

The new teacher, through a process of realizing where the potential issue lies, will be able to work to bring in different tools in order to ensure that the higher levels of thinking are present in the lessons that they teach in order to work to ensure that the students are gaining the most knowledge and information possible by being in the classroom.

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