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Modernization and Globalization

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Modernization and modernity are evident in the globalization. Globalization is the integration of technology, markets, finance and telecommunication in ways that enable faster, farther, deeper and cheaper interactions around the world. Globalization is characterized by integration of the world and webs where the countries are connecting, and there is an increase in sharing of ideas where there are no one in charge (Schaefer, 2007).

Technology and globalization cannot be separated; the connectivity and integration efficiency is supported by technology. The effectiveness or impacts of globalization supported by instant information and communication arising from advancing technologies has converted the world into one big city accessible all regardless of language or place of origin (Schaefer, 2007).

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Free trade has promoted global inequality rather than reduce it as argued by some scholars. This is because it has led to multinational companies from developed countries to developing nations in search for cheap labor. This has hurt the economy of developing nations considering the fact that, many jobs are left in the process increasing the levels of poverty in the countries affected. This has also affected economic performances in the countries in the sense that their tax base is reduced through relocation of the companies (Schaefer, 2007). With this being the case, such countries may find it hard to fund their economic development projects or social project.

The elements of globalization believed to be the major boosters of trade between countries include reduced barriers, financial liberalizations and technological revolution (Schaefer, 2007). It is vital to note that globalization has increased understanding among various countries leading to the reduction of barriers previously set by the other countries. Countries used to put trade barriers in order to guard them against business practices from other countries that were perceived to be harmful. However, the introduction of globalization in the field of business has either confirmed that some of the business practices from other countries considered harmful were better and were shut down due lack of understanding between countries.

Countries through globalization have come to assist each other in other ways apart from business. The free movement promoted by globalization has allowed other countries to assist others in a desperate situation or sensitive matters like security and calamities. Militaries from development countries can collaborate and enjoy important training from developed countries due to the free movement and association cultivated through globalization (Schaefer, 2007).

Apart from the social aspect, some economies are also blaming globalization for fall or slow growth rate of local companies. The free movement of products and services permitted through globalization is viewed as one of the major killers of local companies since the imported products are always cheaper and attract customer due to the low prices leading abandonment of local products (Schaefer, 2007).

Globalization is mostly criticized by most societies across the globe for killing most cultures around the world. A number of communities feel that they are losing their identity due to the free movement and modification of cultures promoted by globalization.
With globalization cultural differences will be eliminated to the extent that many people in the world will share cultural beliefs and values. Many countries in the future are to embrace democracy and capitalism unlike before when most of them embraced dictatorship and communism. Modernization is, therefore, inevitable.

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