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Moral Development: Gender and the Criminal Justice System

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When it comes to the moral development of both Males and Females, both genders have different morals and think differently about what is right and what is wrong. Perhaps this is due to the individuals’ home life such as having parents who were really strict and then you have those parents who are a little more lenient on their children. These all have an effect as to if a male or female has certain moral developments even a traumatic experience can cause these individuals to feel that, because this person did it then I can do it too.

I do think that in some cases moral development is differentiated according to gender when dealing with the criminal justice system. For example there are Males who commit rape and murder of a female. But then there are females who have also been known to murder ex-boyfriends, a current spouse, an ex-spouse, and even an ex-boyfriends or ex-spouses girlfriend or wife because of jealousy and rage. This has to do with the mentality and the psychology within an individuals’ mind and their thoughts and can also have some sort of mental illness.

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Moral development when a male or female is younger deals with what is right or wrong for society and as an individual as well. For example when a child is old enough to know, understand, and distinguish right from wrong it is important to teach them to have respect for others and respect both the opposite sex or the same sex and talk to them with respect as well. This also deals with those individuals who have murdered someone, according to the laws of society that is against the law and is, for the most, part dealt with accordingly.

If an individual was raised with strict parents then the parents have usually succeeded in raising a daughter or son to have respect for themselves and others. Once he or she is old enough to understand then that individual will know right from wrong in society and will have more of an understanding about how things are dealt with and what will be tolerated and what won’t be tolerated. If an individual was raised with more lenient parents, then the parents may or may not have succeeded in raising a daughter or son to have respect for themselves and others.

Once he or she is old enough to know right from wrong then most times that individual may become stubborn and have the thought process of I don’t have to listen to them I can do what I want, when I want, and how I want to do it. Most times this kind of thinking is in regards to not thinking about any of the consequences because every decision you make whether it be good or bad can either have a negative or a positive consequence. But that all depends on the specific individual and his or hers life when they were younger and growing up, as well as what sort of things may have happened to them for them to be the way they are and act the way they do.

In closing, when it comes to males and females, it does appear that it is different for both sexes and both sexes seem to be dealt with differently if there was a crime that was committed or if he or she is accused of something. It seems as if most times males or females commit these crimes either because they have some sort of mental problem or if he or she was raised in a home where something traumatic happened to them.

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