Samples Career Motivational Factors Towards Pursuing a Career in Hotel Management

Motivational Factors Towards Pursuing a Career in Hotel Management

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I would like to pursue career in the sphere of the hotel management with concentration in “Finance and Revenue Management”. This graduate program is right for me in academic and professional dimensions. First of all, there are several factors preceding selection of the major in the hotel management. I should note that I opt out for hotel management career as I am fascinated to inspire people, while hospitality is the source of positive experience and communication with different people. When I was small, my parents had different friends from other regions. Hence, I liked to establish relations with these people and find out their preferences and cultural values. Based on this information, I agreed with the fact that pursuing a career in the hospitality management will allow me to follow numerous strategic goals. Given the fact that tourism is one of the most important industry and source of employment. Gaining well education and training will make me a desirable source of talent at the current hospitality and tourism job market. Moreover, I expect to see the potential of the work involvement in the hospitality sector especially in finance sector. I presume that I will have relevant power and authority, good salary in case of the engagement in hospitality in the United States, Asian markets.

In view of the above discussion, I would like to note that there are several issues pertaining to the personal benefits of the career in the hotel and hospitality management. One should admit the fact that the hospitality management implies allocation of numerous benefits which may be invoked by the person engaged in this sphere. With that, there are also some disadvantages that should be taken into account with consideration of the perspectives in this industry. In fact, hospitality is a competitive industry since there are several people gaining education in this industry. Hence, the problem lies in the fact that with every year there is an increasing amount of people that gain qualifications in the hospitality management industry. From this perspective, the barriers of entry to the hospitality management are quite low. For sure, availability of the low barriers may become a challenge to the workers in the hospitality management sphere due to unequal allocation of the sills of the workers in form of the competitive workforces.

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The hotel management industry is dynamic and growing sector which provides ambitious students with an opportunity to take advantages of the communication with several people. Upon completion of selected program, I will have a completed degree of the professional that will be used during submitting of the applications to numerous hotels and other suppliers of services in the hospitality management industry. In the end of the career path in this sphere, I am eager to manager a large hotel or work towards senior management position in any global corporation. Hence, completion of the degree in finance and hospitality management is required. Accordingly, combination of several academic achievements and management experience will contribute to my pursuit of professional goals as they are considered as important qualifications.

The other benefit of the working in the hospitality is referred to the mobility of the workers in this sphere. For sure, staff in the hospitality industry may gain experience of working in any hospitality company as hotel, which is located in several locations. With that, this hotel will be interested to provide this knowledge to this person as he will be able to share this experience with others and use it at work. In addition, engagement in the hospitality industry provides person with opportunity to travel a lot and move evert few years from place to place in pursuit of any new location. For example, in case any person is hired by Marriot in Los Angeles, there are high chances that this person will be sent to another location, where Marriot has its subsidiary. There is limited amount of industries that may ensure appropriate amount of mobility and flexibility. Moreover, may hospitality jobs imply availability of the flexibility hours so that this person may select when he or she will work. Therefore, this industry may suit to needs of several people starting from mothers on maternity leave and up to the people engaged in several other spheres.

In conclusion, I would like to admit that perspectives of the engagement in the hospitality industry motivate me to have rewarding career. I presume that this sphere will allow me to explore new ideas, environments and meet new people. In order to succeed in this sphere and gain excellent career opportunities, I would like to develop language and communication skills. This fact will enable my ability to build booming career. With that, I agree with the fact that starting career in the hospitality management required investment of time and money. Hence, I measure possible benefits of the engagement in this industry with some perspective drawbacks and come to the consumers that in any case hospitality industry will remain secure and shelters. Given the fact that hospitality industry provides people with sense of happiness and increases level of satisfaction, I would like to pursue career in this sphere. In conclusion, hospitality industry gives rise to creativity which is highly important in the modern business community. Therefore, this graduation program meets my academic and professional goals and I expect that enrollment to this program will show me a path to invoke personal potential.