My Day At Estates And Rocky Mountain Parks

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It was one day in august, with my aunt Barbara and uncle dale visiting us from Florida, that we had the opportunity to spend time. On this day sunny day, my family categorically concluded to take a trip to the Estates and Rocky Mountain Parks, where we would spend some time together, and have the opportunity to bond and get in touch with the environment. It was a good opportunity for my family, because of the detail that my uncle, aunt and parents are always busy with work and other commitments. With this opportunity, I was sure that a good day lay ahead of us.

The success of the day started bright and early, with the sun rising above the sky with a lot of vigor, creating a bright and cheerful environment, suitable for having fun. We left the house hastily, awaiting the expected fun times ahead of us. From Denver, our area of residence, while moving to our destination by car, we took our time on the road to Estates and Rocky Mountain Parks, making sure that we savor every joke or interesting story that someone had to say. On our arrival at the park, the first thing was to grab some lunch, sine all of us were hungry. The food we ate was mouthwatering, and since all of us were hungry, we took our time to enjoy the food. We actually spent most of the time in The Stanley Hotel, where we had our lunch, after which we took a walk and went visiting some of the shops that were inside and on the outside of the Hotel. All this while we were taking pictures for some treasured memories.

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Some of the shops were selling impressive artifacts; I believe that most of them were from Africa. The artworks in these outlets were beautiful and creatively formed, with some pieces made from beads of different colors, giving it a bright and attractive finish. Other pieces were paintings that were professionally done, and it was difficult for an individual to spot carelessness from the painter since the paintings were carefully and perfectly done. On the outside of the hotel, it was amazing and captivating to view the curves of the distant mountains. This scenery will remain etched in my mind because of the enormity of the mountain curves and the creation of a rugged horizon, all from Mother Nature’s work.

From the hotel, we took to the bumpy and rough Trial Ridge Road as we took a tour to the Rocky Mountain National Park. On the way, we could see chipmunks running around; we could also see mules among other animals. This experience was enough to give us an indication that we were a measure of something wild. However, it was slightly difficult to spot some critters since some of them would camouflage themselves in the trees, some would even hide behind the bushes, giving me an impression that they were playing hide and seek.

Apart from the encounter we had with the animals, the most amazing thing I was able to experience was some of the most beautiful scenic views along the Trial Ridge Road. We were able to take the breathtaking pictures of the snowcapped mountains, the intertwined hills and valleys, and the skyline that seemed to have a closer connection with the hills. The whole trip along the Trial Ridge Road created a very different atmosphere, with fresh air, beautiful clouds gracing the sky. After a while, we sadly headed back home to Denver, but with unforgettable memories of the Rocky Mountain National Park.

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