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My favorite place is my house where I live together with my friends. It is a rather small one-storey house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen. Also, near the house there is a beautiful garden and a garage.

I live in the biggest one of the four rooms, which is situated in front of the kitchen. My room has a blue bed standing right before the window. Beside the bed, there is a large wardrobe where I put all my clothes. Also, the room has a TV set in the corner and a desk where I am used to study. Moreover, I have a bathroom inside my room, which is very convenient because I do not have to go outside my room to use the bathroom, like my friends do. Besides my own room, I also like to spend my time in our small living room, which has sofas and a TV set in the corner. Next, there is a small kitchen with a microwave and different tools for cooking. Behind the house, there is a nice garden with many plants. Also, there is a garage that can only take two cars, so that the third car has to be parked outside, in the street.

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My house is the best place for me because there I always feel comfortable. I enjoy staying in my bedroom, but I also like to spend time in the living room. Though my friends also have TV sets in their rooms, we still prefer to watch TV together. My bedroom is the best place for me to study because I like to study alone, in silence. In general, my house is my favorite place because there I can totally relax after school, as well as communicate with my friends when I feel like it.

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