My Party Platform

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I would call my party The Rational Alliance (RI). My party would fight for the implementation of the universal healthcare system in the U.S. The U.S. Government will negotiate with the healthcare industry stakeholders including insurance companies, healthcare service providers, and pharmaceutical companies on behalf of the American public. The private sector will continue to be a provider of the majority of the healthcare services, however, the government will take steps to contain rising healthcare costs and monitor the pricing practices of the healthcare companies to ensure every American has access to affordable healthcare services including medication. Every American citizen will be required by law to have insurance because the universal healthcare system cannot function otherwise. RI believes healthcare is a basic right, just like education.

The government should ensure every American has healthcare coverage because doing so advances the national interests, just like providing free school education to every citizen benefits the country.

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One of the economic policies pursued by RI will be progressive income tax policy. The applicable income tax rate will depend upon one’s income level. RI believes high-income and high net worth citizens should pay higher tax rates while the middle-income and low-income groups should be subjected to lower income tax rates because they are more likely to spend extra income as compared to high net worth and high-income groups. RI will also take steps to get rid of tax loopholes that disproportionately benefit high net worth groups.

In terms of foreign policy, RI will put huge emphasis on building strong alliances with our traditonal allies. The foreign policy will discourage hawkish solutions such as use of military force unless such an action is taken in conjunction with our allies and only when other solutions have been exhausted. Diplomacy will be the preferred tool of RI to solve international disputes and in dealings with adversaries.

As far as RI’s domestic policy of universal healthcare system is concerned, it is more similar to the Democratic policies than the Republican policies. Republicans see universal healthcare system as unnecessary government expansion and believe that the healthcare system in the U.S. is already well developed. Democrats believe that the current healthcare system is inefficient as evident by millions of uninsured Americans.

RI’s pursuit of progressive tax policy is also more similar to Democratic policies though it does share some similarities with the Republican policies as well. Republicans do believe in lower taxes for low-income and middle-income groups but they also believe in lower taxes for the high-income and high net worth groups. Republicans believe that low tax rates enable high-income groups as well as corporations to create jobs while the democrats believe that this is all a myth because trickle down economics has been convincingly debunked over time. If anything, it only adds to the national deficit and forces the government to cut spending on essential programs such as education.

RI is again closer to the Democratic Party in the foreign policy area as compared to the Republican Party. Republicans tend to advocate more hawkish foreign policies than the Democrats. Republicans believe the U.S. should not be afraid to use force and even tackle foreign policy issues on its own when its allies refuse to support its proposals. This is evident by the Iraq War as well as Trump Administration’s decision to back out of the Iran Deal despite pleas from traditional allies such as Germany, France, and U.K. Similarly, Trump Administration moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem despite protests by traditional allies which shows that Republicans are more willing to pursue isolationist policies as compared to Democrats and RI.

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