National and International Healthcare

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I. Positive and Negative Aspects of U.S. Healthcare System Compared to Other Countries

When the U.S. healthcare system is compared to healthcare systems in other countries what is discovered is that while the U.S. spends more “per capita on health care than other developed countries” the reality is that the U.S. does not have a health care system that is superior in terms of its performance. (French, Parentte and Hoff, 2013, p. 1)

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II. Health Indicators: Appropriateness in Comparison to Other Countries
When comparing health indicators of the United States and other countries the methods of comparison are noted to be other than appropriate. This is because observable measures used as proxies of health status “are all some derivatives of mortality”. (French, Parentte, and Hoff, 2013, p. 1)

III. Healthcare Policy Impact on APN Practice
The Advanced Practice Nurse realizes that politics and health care policy impacts their ability to perform their role in the health care provision to patients. Specifically reported are inconsistencies in the “scope of practice” being prevalent in some states where the APN is employed. It is stated that the discrepancies are derived from a concerted effort on the part of some physician groups to support the idea that APN care is inferior and that it creates a public hazard. Additionally affecting the practice of the Advanced Practice Nursing professional is the shortage of nursing staff in clinics and hospitals which results in a heavy workload being placed on the APN. The APN nursing profession is advised to formulate team strategy in addressing these and other problems that the APN profession is and will fact in the present framework of health care provision. (Restrepro, 2012, paraphrased)

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