Naturally Beautiful Inc

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In the article ‘Naturally Beautiful Inc.,’ the author gives an account of the success that has been acquired by Naturally Beautiful regarding the production and marketing of organic cosmetics. The use of quality and natural raw materials and a sophisticated sales team are some of the factors that have promoted the success of the company. The company is also highly motivated towards expanding its prospects by venturing into new markets. Jill is one of the top performer sales executives for the company, and she has achieved a lot. However, she has bigger challenges to achieve her targets in order to get a bonus that she plans to use in achieving a promise made to the family for a vacation. However, she is also presented with various challenges in relation to her clients and previous business engagements.

In the case of Rick at Beauty Boutique, Jill should have made it a personal responsibility to apologize on behalf of the company for the omissions. Then, she should make an enquiry from the delivery team in order to ascertain the cause of the problem and ensure relevant steps are taken. On the case of Sarah, it was important that Jill prioritized her promises, and, in this case, it was her obligation to ensure that it was fulfilled.

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Embracing the perception that these were minor issues was very dangerous for Jill. These issues were intimate for the clients and could determine their attachments with Naturally Beautiful Inc., which is likely to reduce the productivity of the company in the long run.

In order to enhance customer value and the establishment of a long-term relationship with the customers, it is important that Jill creates a culture of constant communication with the clients. This culture can entail the creation of channels with feedback mechanisms to assist her get the reactions of the clients and their opinions. This can also give a platform through which the concerns can be channeled to enhance the productivity of the company. Therefore, it is also important that Jill is assertive in dealing with her engagements through getting a balance a between meeting personal objectives and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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