Samples Engineering Nuclear Engineering: A Fulfilling Career

Nuclear Engineering: A Fulfilling Career

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It is creative. It is innovative. A young woman says that you can have a tremendous impact on people’s lives. A young man says he loves the challenge and the problem solving. A young woman says the filed needs people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and abilities. The man says he likes knowing his work is going to make a difference. All these people are talking about nuclear engineering, science, and technology. They have all taken up the challenge and unique opportunities that this growing field brings.

Pofessor Michael Corradini: studentship consider courses in nuclear energy and medical physics or health physics because many of these skills are growing in the U.S., they are growing around the world, in Europe, Asia.

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Professor Arela Haghighat: These are all really exciting areas because they are all growing and there needs to be done a lot of research

Matt Bowles, undergraduate student: This field is so rewarding, there are so many places you can go with it,

Colleen Polit: I like that when I come in every day there is something new to be found. I like that not everything to know about the field is known.

Ross Radel, a graduate student, says there are tons of different challenges; materials are always changing, so there is always a new challenge

Dr. Eric Loewen: there are a lot of research opportunities on the small scale with technologies on the large scale.

Joshua Nowak: Even if you do not go down this path at your school, you can still go down this path during your career because they really want to teach you.

Today there are many career options in the field: electricity production, nuclear design, medical research, environmental protection, even archaeology. The shortage of nuclear graduate professionals leads to nuclear specialists being highly appreciated. Salaries are higher than for other graduates.

Lisa Marshal, Director for Outreach Programs: There are 2-3 job offers per a grad.

Dr. Loewen: There is a huge demand for nuclear engineers.

April Hutton, Recruitment specialist: The nuclear facilities need U.S. graduates today.

As the next generation of nuclear reactors is being developed, the scientific revolution opens a range of nuclear opportunities and scientific challenges. Power consumption is growing at a tremendous rate, and nuclear energy is seen by people as an option preferable over fossil fuels, etc.

Admiral Skip Bolman, CEO Nuclear Energy Institute: Cheap, efficient, and clean electricity responds to the needs of the growing world population. This is something that young people can take pride in being a part of.

Nuclear uses in the medical field have soared in recent years. Physicians rely on X-rays to diagnose tumors. Radiation is a common treatment for cancers. Radioisotopes are used to develop new drugs. One of the students says that a number of students at their department are going to graduate with the degree in nuclear engineering and will go right to med school.

It is said that nuclear engineering, science and technology are critical in solving our planets most critical problems: hunger, disease spread through insects (e.g. malaria).

Overall, the field of nuclear engineering is waiting for more people. Through this career, it is said, people can influence humanity positively. For more information, visit