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Nuclear Engineering

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Nuclear Engineering is a dynamic field with a number of diverse offerings for college graduates with nuclear engineering degrees, and for professionals that may have nuclear engineering training from the military. Additionally, the demand for nuclear engineers is so great that individuals who aspire to become nuclear engineers without the direct requisite academic or professional training may still be enabled as nuclear engineers should they work hard enough. As the field is filled with individuals with different backgrounds in knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA’s), nuclear energy is seen as the purveyor of the future both domestically and internationally.

The opportunities to learn new technologies are broad and are based on where individual interest may lay. Fields stretching from medical research to environmental protection are examples of the broad spectrum of possible fields available to nuclear engineers. Nuclear scientists and technicians will see the most opportunities as the need for nuclear power in various forms is still considered a safe energy source and one that will be continuously pursued by those who work in the energy field via the employment of nuclear engineers. Some individuals may choose to pursue a nuclear engineering degree and go straight to medical school to combine nuclear sciences with the medical sciences.

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The combination of medical sciences and nuclear technology has the capacity to create new approaches toward preventing the spread of such contagious and deadly diseases as malaria, which continues to wipe out large populations across Africa. The future of the nuclear energy has never been wider and brighter in the United States. The new and exciting burgeoning field of nuclear engineering and nuclear science is an example of the new emerging fields that will employ a large number of graduates in the near and distant future. The need to fill the skills gap is pressing to which those with the mental acuity, interest, and ability will succeed.