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Nursing Disaster Manager Scenarios

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Emergency preparedness and response are critical components of nursing disaster management in various scenarios. To understand the fundamental concepts and specific requirements of various disaster scenarios, comprehending the various types of incidents is highly imperative, hence vital to the scope of response and the level of precision by the first responders and the subsequent team of disaster management. Given the diverse scope of various types of incidences, understanding the intrinsic components, which characterizes the incidents within the provided case scenarios, will play an essential role in the recommendation of proper and relevant responses for the disaster incidences.

Scenario 1
In this scenario, the incident is a Severe Motor Vehicle Accident. The specific incidence has led to the medical crisis through by causing critical injuries to the survivors. Given the fact that local resources are yet to arrive at the scene of the accident, it is highly necessary to compose a multiagency approach, one that will involve a rescue team, first aid team, and investigators to gather preliminary evidences from the scene of the accident (Moss, Schellhamer, & Berman,2009).

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Scenario 2
The second incidence is a typical scenario of Severe Weather within a tri-state area. Bearing in mind the expansive geographical region and the high population that the calamity has affected the overwhelming nature of the severe weather has overstretched the available resources, both from the state and the federal level. For instance, the fact that the ongoing flooding has led to the multiple casualties and missing persons, the disaster response team must incorporate a multifaceted approach, which will draw professionals from various agency to seek remedy and tackle the broader scope of challenges emanating from the severe weather. According to Bea (2012), under the Stafford Act, a collaborative framework between the various counties and municipalities with the federal government will improve the level of service delivery.

In conclusion, professional understanding of the significant aspects of both incidences is vital in recommending a response team and mitigating risks. Therefore, in both scenarios, there is an imperative need to constitute a highly skilled and professionally capable team to tackle the various challenges, to reduce further injuries to the survivors in both instances.

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