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Nursing Practice Problem and Solution

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Nursing as a profession is seen to be a very rewarding career but on the other end it equally has challenges. In most cases lack of universal legislation that can be used in addressing these arising issues is experienced at the state, organization and even national level. There are a lot of problems that arise but in this assignment a discussion on one problem will be done where a solution on the same will also be provided.

One of the problems that nurses face in their nursing profession is inter-professional relationships. In the health care systems, health professionals are expected to work together with other health workers so as to ensure quality service provision to patients and patient’s families is provided. But this has turned out to be a challenge in the nursing profession. This is because cases of conflict views and other health workers feeling that they are often being disrespected arise. Clark (2013) quoted that “this has highly affected the relationship bond of the health workers”. Also sometimes conflicts arise between patients and the nurses who care for them, patients and the healthy organization administration, nurses and the administration and even partner physicians and other core workers. Such kind of conflicts affects the work relationships therefore causing poor service delivery (Clark, 2013).

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A good solution to this inter-professional problem is that teamwork services should be advocated in the health care organization. When team work is effectively used it becomes even easier to solve an issue that may rise. In case of any problem, confrontation should be avoided so as to prevent cases of emotional distress and also fear of working in a free environment. Emotional distress can hurt one’s feeling therefore highly affecting the way services may be provided from the individual. Problems should be dealt with in a strategic manner where all members are involved so as to ensure standard decisions are made (Kenaszchuk et al. 2014).

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