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Observation a Teaching Lesson on YouTube

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The learning took place in a classroom environment which is conducive for learning. It meets nearly all the requirements of a good physical learning environment. From the video, we can observe that the room is well lit and spacious enough for free air circulation making the room neither to cold or hot. It is often a belief that people will learn best when seated on hard straight chairs. The extra cushioning on the chair may make the learners more comfortable contributing to lose of concentration. The learners are most probably college or university students being taught the importance of taking notes during lectures. The instructor is a very qualified individual, most probably a professor. The instructor in this context is performing his profession, which is a source of his livelihood.

It is the instructors’ objective to ensure that the learner grasp the concept of good note taking by the end of the lesson. He is giving tips on how to be a good note taker. To him notes are very important because of our forgetful nature of our brain. It is always the aim of every learner to pay attention and grasp whatever concept being taught in class. Paying attention is very crucial in ensuring understanding.

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The instructor is a profession. He is a well-behaved individual. His conduct and appearance in class is good. The students on other hand are well behaved, attentive and very interactive. It is often the nature of students to lose concentration the more the time spent in class. The instructor was tactical in his way of teaching. He incorporated interaction with his students as he taught. This strategy made the class more lively winning most attention from the students. Interactive learning is very good for better understanding. In addition, he provided handouts to the students so that they could follow together.

Technology is taking over the world. From my own point of view, I would introduce the use of a projector. Every detail I will be teaching will be projected forward and together as a class discuss every detail briefly. This will for sure improve the level of concentration boosting understanding of the leaners.