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Observation: YouTube Teaching Lesson

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The lesson was about how to structure collaborative learning where the audience was presented with results of various researches on collaborative learning. The instructors used a slide presentation as the main lecturing tool while slight motivation (where the instructor explained the importance of the lesson to learners) was a teaching strategy. The message was that collaborative learning was the most effective way of sharing ideas. Also, the lesson suggested that whenever students were asked to form groups for the purpose of this learning process, they picked members that were friends with them or had some sort of relationship. The audience was a group of adult professional instructors that had met for the conference. The instructors, on the other hand, were a female and male professor in the education field. They presented their lectures interchangeably.

The learning environment was adequately lit though the chairs and tables seemed uncomfortable from the close proximity to each other. The temperature was conducive, given that the audience and presenters were moderately dressed. However, the fact that the audience kept turning and twisting in their sitting positions suggests that the learning environment was not conducive. The objective of the instructor was to teach the audience the importance of collaborative learning and teach them how to structure such a learning style. The instructor maintained a professional attitude rushing through facts at a consistent pace. Students occasionally became restless, but the instructor only partially tried to calm them. They were ignored for the bigger part.

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Notably, the instructor did most of the talking. The climate of sharing was almost absent. For these reasons, the teaching could be said to have been unsuccessful. This is because learners were not asked to draw on past experiences; not to mention that they were not encouraged to participate actively in the lesson. Given the chance, I would get a bigger room to reduce sitting discomfort. I would then encourage higher student participation by asking them to tap into their past experiences. These changes would ensure better comfort levels and a higher ability of learners to internalize the content of the lecture. Restlessness would also be eliminated. Overall, the lecture has taught me that during teaching, student participation is invaluable.