Occupational Safety and Health Act

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Safety in the place of world is one of the strategic tools that is used in the improvement of the quality of services given in an organization. The ultimate effect of the safety is increased production and the achievements of the organizational goal. Different organizations have various ways in which they promote the safety of among their employees (HR Hero, 2014). Human beings are subjected to various situations that can lead to various forms of injuries in the organizations. In order to enhance the integrity to humanity, human the working environments should promote the safety of both the service provider and consumer. This is a collective responsibilities of all stakeholders in the organization to enhance the safety.

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) was brought up to ensure that all employees are subjected to very safe working environments. The Act directs that the designing of all working environments for all the human resources (HR Hero, 2014). The conditions that are outlined by the Act indicate that the standards for all the organizations to implement the regulations that protect the human resources. Coming up with a governmental agency to monitor the implementation of the Act through conducting regular inspections to ensure that all organizations comply with the required safety protocols. The organizations that do not comply with the regulations are subjected to prosecution as indicated by the Act.

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All the employees and employers have the responsibility of both the employees and the employers to ensure that their health and safety is guaranteed while working (United States Department of Labor, 2014). The safety principles should be integrated into the organizational safety standards to ensure that the safety guarding principles are the same in all organizations. Some of the aspects that must be addressed in the organizations include accurate record keeping of the employees by the employers and administrators. Exceptions for the application of the Act includes the self-employed individuals who must ensure that their safety and health is achieved.

The employers have a wide range of responsibilities to play in order to ensure that the health and safety of the employees in enhanced. The employers must ensure that the organizational rules are aligned the OSHA regulations. This is through undertaking reform in the organizations to ensure that all entities in the organization are compliant with the required standards (United States Department of Labor, 2014). It is their responsibility to understand fully the rules of the Act to ensure that there is complete compliance within the organization.

The employees should be role models in the organization to ensure that the structural and cultural orientation of the organization r4eflects massive safety to the employees (HR Hero, 2014). This can be through the dedication of the organizational resources to put the most appropriate structures in the organization that are safe for humanity. The structures acquires on the organization can be the tools and equipment that the employees use. The tools must be healthy all the people who use them and should not expose the users to risks that may compromise their safety. The employers should also influence the employees to be positive about promoting their own safety through avoiding situations that may expose them to risks of unhealthy situations (United States Department of Labor, 2014).

The employers must create an environment that is good for the inspectors to check the security situations in their organization in order to give the licenses of operation (United States Department of Labor, 2014). The employees also have the responsibility of applying for certain variances from the standard protocols to assist in customizing the unique specifications of their organizations to enhance more safety on the employees (HR Hero, 2014). This can enhance flexibility that is a critical construct of the safety in the organizations.

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