Ohm’s Law and Real Life

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Ohm law is attributed to a German physicist known as George Ohm who ascertained the relationship within any DC electrical circuit that exists between current, resistance, and voltage. In electrical engineering, the relationship in Ohm’s law states that, the potential difference in any ideal conductor must be proportional to the electric current that flows through it, at a particular time. Essentially, Ohm’s law makes certain that, when electrical current flows through a fixed linear resistance, at a constant temperature, it is directly proportional to the applied voltage. Moreover, when resistance is taken into consideration, the electrical current flowing is deemed as being inversely proportional. In a circuit in which the resistance is high, less current will flow compared to the amount of voltage that has been applied (Benn 5).

The following are the various ways in which ohm’s law is applied in real life. Ohm’s law is applied when selecting the appropriate circuit breakers or fuses to be used in the protection of a number of electrical devices, within the household. When the resistance of a lamp is known, then an individual can calculate the overall resistance of a circuit and establish the right circuit breaker or fuse to be used. Ohm’s law can also help in calculating the electricity bill that a particular device is using while applying the values that pertain to the resistance and the input voltage. This is important in managing electricity consumption in a household that uses electric heater during winter seasons (Cutnell, Kenneth, David, and Shane 26).

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Furthermore, when manufacturing electrical devices such as T.Vs, laptops, mobile phones, digital radios, home theatres, or gaming devices the ohm’s law is greatly applied. The aforementioned devices require varying levels of currents that flow within the circuit. Therefore, the ohm’s law will be used to calculate the specific value that a resistor will have in order to ensure that the different devices functions smoothly regardless of the power supplied from the circuit (McCune 17).

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