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On the Internet, It’s All about ‘My’

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The use of the prefix ‘my’ has various purposes which it serves, according to the essay by Brownes. To begin with, its use with respect to websites connotes that individual has a direct link to the site itself. This serves the purpose of actually expressing individualized views on the various products offered by the investors. The use of the prefix is therefore a strategy that is pegged on marketer-customer relationship that is direct.

A customer also feels contented after getting the ‘attention’ of the investor at a personal level. It therefore means that the marketers can get as intimately as possible with their clients. By so doing, the vendors are able to customize goods and services that fit the demand. The bond between the consumers and the marketers has been strengthened by the use of the prefix ‘my.’ It can therefore be corrected said that the use of the prefix has enhanced customer relations.

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Part Two
The purpose of the essay is to address the reasons behind the use of the prefix ‘my’ in websites today. The essay substantially renders incisive grounds on why the same has taken the lead as opposed to use of other or lack of prefixes. The main purpose has been cited as to improve the rapport between customers and sellers and marketers. The intended audiences are customers, website designers, marketers and investors among others. These are the main stakeholders in the market and online advertisement.

This can be shown by use of domineering terms such as MyCoke, IBM, MySpace etc. These are high class investors that are renown across the globe. The mention of 150, 000 customers who responded to My Starbucks Idea clearly show that the customers are part of the audience targeted by this piece. The phrase ‘yet people in the marketing and business also’ denotes that the essay targets the marketers of various goods and services in the electronic medium.

The purpose of the essay meets the needs of the audience in that it answers why there is an increase in the use of the prefix before specific website names. Further, the essay also attaches the importance of actually using the prefix in that it has led to increased number of customers seeking goods from specific companies. More and more company will see the need to use the prefix in their day to day dealing by reading the essay.