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Online Retailers in Malaysia: Research Proposal

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In this research proposal, the problem statement is that despite online retailers in Malaysia operating on the same platform, the sales effectiveness differs from business to business. Put in another way, while some retailers report enormous profits at the end of each trading period, other only report losses (Grewal et al., 2020). Gains and losses that are reported by these online retailers maybe a culmination of various factors. Whereas profits are attributed to high sales effectiveness, losses are also ascribed to ineffective strategies. Since it is projected that the number of businesses that will resort to online retailing will increase in the coming year as the country gears toward the adoption of full digital culture (Ghazali et al., 2018), precedents and standards that affect business using the model must be set.

Research Objectives

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The following are the research objectives that form the basis of this research proposal:

  1. To examine the relationship between CRM Tools and online retail in Malaysia.

  2. To determine relationship between customer feedback and online retailing in Malaysia.

  3. To examine the relationship between product innovation and online retailing in Malaysia.

  4. To examine the relationship between social media channels and online retailing in Malaysia

Research Questions

Successful completion of this research proposal is contingent on the ability to answer the research question. In this proposal, the research questions are aimed at facilitating the achievement of the research objectives. The research questions include:

  1. To what extent does CRM Tools affect sales effectiveness of online retailers in Malaysia?

  2. To what extent does customer feedback influence sales effectiveness of online retailers in Malaysia?

  3. Does product innovation determine the scope of effectiveness of online retailers in Malaysia?

  4. Do social media channels affect online retailing in Malaysia?

Significance of the Research

The research is significant in the sense that it affects businesses and society at large in two ways. First, by determining the factors that promote sales effectiveness, the proprietors will formulate the best strategies to ensure that they report high revenues. With the sales revenues increasing for the online business, other aspects of its operation will be improved (Ghazali et al., 2018). For instance, high sales revenues imply that the stock market value of the business will increase significantly. With high stock market value, the business can raise capital for expansion. Put in another way, a company whose sales are effective are on the right path of achieving the commonorganizational goals such as expanding operations into new territories, maximizing profits, and capturing a larger market share.

The research is significant in that it addresses the needs of the society both directly and indirectly. Arguably, the future of retailing is premised online. A country like Malaysia is taking necessary steps to ensure that communication and network infrastructures are installed to support the online retail business. As government and other partners pump a vast amount of money in developing the necessary infrastructure, they anticipate earninga return on investment both directly and indirectly. Achieving a return on investment of the technological infrastructures that have been installed depends on whether their use is for economic benefits. It is evident that online retailers are working to shape the economy, and their performance determines the economic growth and development of the nation.

The consumer culture of the Malaysian market also determines sales effectiveness. The fact is that Malaysia is still a developing economy, and technological revolution is still ongoing. Such implies that despite the strategies that online retailers may enact to promote their businesses, society has reservations on the whole concept of online retailers. The research will be instrumental in underscoring whether consumer behaviour and attitude have an implicit or explicit impact on sales effectiveness.

Lastly, since sales effectiveness affects the overall status of the company, the research will shade more light on the best strategies of keeping the businesses viable and sustainable. To illustrate, several online retailing businesses have failed in the past and ceased operations due to systematic failures. Such exemplifies the classic case of a bad investment. When such a business fail, not only the owner feels the pinch but also other stakeholders. Online retailing employs millions of workers, both directly and indirectly (Ghazali et al., 2018). It means that when one business fails and ceases operation due to low sales performance or constant losses, thousands of jobs are lost in the process. Therefore, by determining the factors that shape sales effectiveness, another vital goal of sustaining employment is achieved.

Definition of Variables

The variables that will be employed in this research proposal include the independent variable and the dependent variable. The independent variables include internet marketing strategies, mobile marketing strategies, and social media advertising. The dependent variable is the sales effectiveness.

Internet marketing strategies: Refers to the techniques of marketing and advertising products and services over the internet, such as online press releases, email marketing, web design, and affiliate and associate program.

Mobile marketing strategies: Refer to the techniques that business organizations to sell their products and services via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Social media advertising: This is the use of popular social media platforms to market and advertise products and services. In the context of Malaysia, these platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, among others.

Sales effectiveness: Refers to the efficacy of the strategies that are used to ensure that products and services are availed to the consumers at the right time when needed and in return, the business can measure the parameters of organizational success such high profitability.


In summary, the chapter recognizes the role and position of the online retail industry in Malaysia. Despite the spectacular success and meteoric rise of some online retailers, it must be noted that the sales performance of other retailers operating in the same industry has plummeted drastically. As the number of business adopting online retailing model skyrockets, profound changes in the sector is anticipated. As such, it is critical to investigate the factors that affect the sales effectiveness of online retailing in Malaysia. This way, an empirically and scientifically driven conclusion can be used in formulating and implementing best strategies that would bolster the status of online retailers not only in Malaysia but also globally.