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Opportunities in Engineering

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Savage starts off by looking at children who display signs of being future engineers. He shows that these are the types of children who are interested in constructing things, and asks if the reader likes to work in and outdoors, enjoys solving problems, and is good at high grade maths. He then gives an explanation as to why civil engineering is at the core of civilization itself. He backs this up by displaying wonderful pictures of engineered constructions such as the pyramids from early civilization, constructions such as the Notre Dame cathedral from the Middle Ages, achievements from the New World, such as the Union Pacific Transcontinental Railroad, and civil engineering projects form the 20th Century such as the Hoover Dam.

The author does on to examine the judgments needed for this profession, such as consideration of the environment. He then touches on the crucial need for water resource engineering. In doing so, he displays colorful pictures of various scenes such as the Venice floods. He then moves on to environmental engineering by briefly examining the planning, design and operation of projects involving drinking water and waste treatment facilities etc., and showing relevant pictures of projects. His next topic is geotechnical engineering. In this section, he briefly covers the design and planning involved in relevant projects, and shows pictorial examples such as the Palm Islands, Dubai.

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The next subject that is covered is transport engineering. Here Savage covers the necessary planning, design and operation of railway and road systems, seaports and airports and mass transit systems. Once again, he shows a number of pictures so that viewers can gain an easy understanding of the subject matter. He then covers construction engineering and management in which he shows some very interesting pictures of when the process can go wrong. He then moves on to project management. This is followed by structural engineering and the planning of bridges and power plants etc. Once again, Savage shows excellent pictorial examples of the work of this branch of engineering, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the International Space Station. He then examines the financial benefits of civil and environmental work. He then concludes this presentation by stating that civil engineering offers opportunity, and here are many options.

I thought the this was a first-class presentation. It was easy to understand and was very enjoyable and informative.

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