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Past and Modern Communication

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The technological progress over the last few decades has been amazing by any standard and one need not look beyond the communication technologies to realize how much our world has changed. It may be apt to claim we now live in a truly connected society.
One of the major differences between communication technologies in the past and present is that communication is not restricted by physical restrictions now as it was in the past in the age of landline phones. Now people are truly connected round-the-clock, whether knowingly or unknowingly because smart phones can even track an individual’s physical location due to integrated GPS capabilities.

Communication is also much more permanent in nature than it was in the past which may be also due to the fact that a significant amount of information now takes place in written form such as on the social media. In other words, our messages now have much long lives now.

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But not all changes have been positive which remind us that even the most beneficial technologies may have certain costs. One cost may have been a decline in face-to-face communication which are more personal in nature in favor of digital communication. It is not uncommon for parents to complain their children are glued to their gadgets even when they are with parents. Another potential cost of advancements in communication technologies has been loss of privacy which is due to several factors such as the relative permanent nature of communication today as well as the difficulty of controlling the audience. This is why schools often ask students to be careful with their social media activity.

Communication technologies have come a long way over the last few decades. Communication is cheaper, more convenient, and more efficient. But at the same time it has also negatively affected face-to-face communication and hurt our privacy among other things.