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Patriotism Essay

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Patriotism may be defined as love for or devotion to one’s country and while this is a simple definition, politicians and media outlets often present misleading definitions of patriotism. For example, under the reign of former President George W. Bush, support for Iraq War would often be implied as an act of patriotism which could not have been more misleading. Patriotism is unconditional devotion to one’s country and not country’s government, especially if it is in the wrong. It was patriotism which inspired college students to protest against Vietnam War even if it meant going to prison and breaking so-called laws.

Citizens have freedom of speech and ideas in a democratic society, thus, they should not be afraid to speak what they think may be best for the country. Patriotism is determined by sincerity even if one may not have the best ideas out there. I want America to remain the world leader in everything from education and scientific research to human rights and my wishes are more than enough to affirm my patriotism.

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I believe in obedience to the government for as long as it follows the will of the people. A government exists to serve its people and not rule over them. This is why I get suspicious when the government starts defining patriotism for people because a common person knows love for his country even before he learns the word ‘patriotism’.

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