Philly Aids Swift Marketing Plan

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Philly Aids Swift currently reaches the local community through marketing approaches such as word of mouth and clients networks. Though these methods are rather limited in terms of their market reach, they have been able to push the organization’s growth substantially. According to census figures, the population in Philadelphia was slightly above 1.5 million people in 2013. This population also forms the primary target market for Philly Aids Swift. Being a donor-driven organization, it is crucial that the body reaches the optimal most number of donors both in Philadelphia and outside the city. Beyond the donors, it is also important for the institution to have a significant number of HIV/AIDS patients under their care.

Philadelphia currently has the highest metropolitan HIV prevalence rates at 114 per every 100,000 people. In the formulation of a marketing plan, the target market will be the same city population. Targeting the Philadelphia population will enable Philly Aids Swift offer their support to more HIV patients within the city. Further, this will also increase the involvement of the people of Philadelphia in assisting the HIV victims. The 1.5 million Philly citizens will also get a chance to support a homegrown idea and feel like a part of the Philly Aids Swift initiative. Further, expansion of other cities should only be considered once the Philly population has adequate service. The new marketing plan would aim to see a growth of 20 percent in the number of patients under the support of the body and a significant 30 – 40 percent growth for the donors.

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Corporate contact provides a direct link between Philly Aids Swift and business partners. The non-profit organization can approach local businesses and entrepreneurs and pitch their course. Through these, the companies can partner with Philly Aids Swift either as donors or as marketing partners. Corporate partnerships are beneficial both to Philly Aids Swift and the local businesses as they can take it up as a portion of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Also, the companies can take up the role of marketing for Philly Aids Swift through running parallel campaigns for their products and the services offered by the non-profit group.

An active and interactive website will provide a direct connection between the donors, Philly Aids Swift administration and the benefactors of their services. The Philly Aids Swift website an online office for Philly Aids Swift. Here, the body has an opportunity to create an impression on their volunteers, donors, and members. The contents of the website should provide sufficient information on the organization and their course. Through the information and amount of transparency depicted on the website, donor and member confidence can be easily attained which results in a mutually beneficial relationship. The website also must have a virtual donation point for immediate donor enrollment and contributions.

In supplementing the website, social media remains an underused resource for the organization in publicizing their services to the community. Through social media daisies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the visibility of the organization can increase. An advantage for social media is its low cost and ability to reach a robust target market without all hurdles involved in contemporary marketing fronts. An active social media strategy will see posting of announcements, events and videos on these platforms. It is also important to regularly engage followers on these platforms and also show them that indeed their money’s use is correct. Through an efficient social media strategy, the initial supporters will be prompted to add other members as well as create alertness of the local initiative.

Development of a new brand identity is also an effective, low-cost marketing approach that can be effective for Philly Aids Swift. This exercise involves an overhaul of the existing marketing material and brand image for the organization. The best places to effect this brand renewal are on the organization website and other publicity avenues applied. This process will aim to bring on board new ideas and optimize available information to resonate with the donors and other supporters of Philly Aids Swift. Also, it is important to conduct a regular survey of the donors to get their opinion on the organization. Through surveying, Philly Aids Swift will know the feelings of their supporters on their course as well as obtain their input on possible improvements to the organization.

Conformity to donor requirements will ensure that Philly Aids Swift gains a positive rating among its donors. Also, the group should put in place strategic plans to cover the needs of their donors. Conformity and caring for donor needs creates a value impression on the donor. Patrons will see and feel the real value of their contributions from the attitude accorded to them by the organization. Creation and sustenance of a positive rapport with donors safeguards a long-term and beneficial relationship between the organization and their support base. Also, this relationship yields a high probability of attracting more supporters to the course of the organization both on an active and supplementary basis.

The adoption and successful implementation of this marketing plan also seek to reduce the number of HIV infections within the Philly and more so for the black community who have the highest incidence rates in the city. Also, it will serve to create awareness and interest in other local Non-profit organizations working to improve the community status. Attainment of support even for the non-HIV support groups will eventually lead to a better empowered and self-sufficient Philly community.

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