Physics Essay Examples

Electricity generation refers to the process by which electric power is produced from other primary energy sources (Grigsby 1). Michael Faraday came up with the method in the 1820s and 1830s whereby a loop of wire moves in between magnetic poles (Grigsby 1). Even a disc of copper can be...

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In a Ted presentation, physicist Allan Adams describes the relevance of the gravitational waves in better understanding the universe. He mentions two black holes collided in a distant galaxy about 1.3 billion years ago, converting the matter equal to three suns into pure energy in a tenth of a second....

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Medical imaging has had a profound effect on the advancement of medicine as it enables noninvasive detailed inspection of internal organs of human body. One of the most preferred imaging techniques in modern clinical practice is the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which is extensively used in the diagnosis of brain...

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The three laws of motion were devised in the year 1686 by Sir Isaac Newton. This means that over three-hundred years ago the laws which explain our modern world were understood. Newton developed these laws when he was forty-three years old. He wrote an important piece in scientific literature, Principia...

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The "Physics of Musical Instruments" was a video recording of a lecture given on the same name by Sarah Bolton, Professor of Physics at Williams College. Part one of a two part lecture, Professor Bolton works to describe the principles of sound and the correlation to the creation of music,...

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The speed of light, represented by the constant c, is generally defined as the speed of light in a vacuum, since the speed varies when it travels through materials like water or glass or air. Though mass can change the energy and direction of light-bending its path, for example, as...

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