Poetry Series

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Haiku poems
Haiku poems are considered ways through which the awareness of the natural world is open. The poems connect nature to human nature. The nature of the poems can be described to be uncluttered and natural. The poems are mainly set in the natural environment. They convey a single a single moment and maybe a single moment in all their fullness. The poems enable the readers to see, hear, smell and test what is going on at the moment and the very place. Repetition is used in the poems to show the use of the senses in the surrounding of an individual.

Acrostic poem
Acrostic poems are mainly written around a word. The overall tone is obtained from the first letter of that word that spells each line. The theme of the subject word is also obtained from each letter of the word. The tone of the poem can apply rhyme, or they can sometimes be written as free verse. When they are written with rhymes, the rhyming words do not have to appear at the beginning of the sentence. The acrostic which is the word spelled out always have special meaning to the author and they decide to abandon rhyme to bring out the sense.

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Ballad poems
Ballad is a type of narrative poems. The narration style takes a simple meter and then develops a rhyme scheme. The poems are mainly meant to tell stories. The poems in their narratives differ from the lyric poems which in their composition emphasizes the emotions of the speaker. The stanzas of ballad poems which are rhymed abcb or are sometimes rhymed abab. The key in the stanzas is that the second and the fourth lines form a rhyme. The first and the third lines in the poems have four stresses unlike the second and the fourth lines that have three.

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