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Police Motorcycles Go Green

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The article is about a company called Zero Motorcycles which is a line of high-performance electric motorcycles. These motorcycles are better than gasoline motorcycles in all aspects and are pretty powerful to be an electric motorcycle, these Zero Motorcycles are better than gasoline motorcycles and are better when it comes to power, batteries, range, and fuel economy. These Zero Motorcycles do not require either a transmission or a clutch and can reach peak speeds of 95 MPH and sustained speeds of up to 80 MPH. It appears many Police stations are getting in on purchasing these motorcycles. These motorcycles are very quiet and are more stealthy than gasoline powered motorcycles.

After reading and reviewing the article, my main question is how exactly do these electric motorcycles run such as how these electric motorcycles start up and how you propel them forward without a clutch or transmission? After going to the official website for these Zero Motorcycles at you simply press the start button on these electric motorcycles and to propel them forward you simply turn the handlebars forward to propel them forward.

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Another question is what exactly does not need to be changed in an electric motorcycle aside from a gasoline powered motorcycle and according to Zero Motorcycles’ official website, owners of these electric motorcycles will never have to worry about 15 things when owning an electric motorcycle. These include: getting gas, replace a clutch, sync throttle and idle speed, change engine oil filter, lubricate choke cables, change engine oil, check engine oil, adjust valve clearance, change air filter, replace timing belt, check external fuel hoses, replace spark plugs, change fuel filter, adjust clutch cables, and check clutch fluid level. Any owner of these electric powered motorcycles will no longer have to worry about these 15 things as an owner of a gasoline powered motorcycle would for the fact that it is gasoline powered and these are electric powered.

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