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Poor Student Attendance

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University education is one of the most important investments many of us make in our future. Thus, one cannot overstate the importance of regularly attending classes at school not only because they directly impact our grades but also because knowledge and skills learnt in-class are applicable in the real world. Not surprisingly, poor student attendance record at a university is often a major concern. This is not a simple issue, thus, many factors contribute to poor student attendance record two of which are the growing role of technology in our lives and roommates we live with.

It is difficult to imagine a life today without numerous gadgets we have become used to such as computers, tablet devices, and smart phones. These gadgets have come to occupy a significant proportion of an average student’s daily time resources and as a result, various aspects of their personal and work lives may be negatively affected including university attendance record. A student may sleep late due to his technological lifestyle and as a result, will have high probability of missing a class. Similarly, he may also miss a class because he has not done an assignment or an assigned reading.

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Another factor that increases the probability of student missing a class is roommates. One cannot deny the influence of a company one keeps. Roommates may influence a person to adopt irresponsible lifestyle choices such as frequent partying or simply socializing until late night. These activities exhaust an average person and not only one may sleep late but also sleep longer than usual in order to recover his energy.

It is clear that poor student attendance record at university is a complex issue that is caused by multiple factors two of which are addiction to gadgets and roommates. The solution is to adopt the middle road in everything one does instead of taking things to the extreme or let addiction such as technology addiction control oneself.