Positive Effects of Using Facebook

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Although Facebook regularly receives criticism by parents and peers for wasting our time, distracting us from school work, and stealing our online privacy, there are many advantages of using Facebook that these people haven’t used in their overall assessment of social media.

First of all, social media should be allowed on school computers. The school administration argues that we will spend time on Facebook instead of assigned websites when we use school technology. While this may be the case for some students, Facebook allows us to share ideas and opinions with our classmates, discover links that are related to our school work, and collaborate more effectively to plan group projects and form study groups. In fact, the grade point average of a class is more likely to increase if they use Facebook to ask each other questions; this is a quick and easy way for the class to get answers they need rather than completing an internet search or asking the teacher the next day.

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Outside of the effect that Facebook has on our school work, it helps us keep in touch with friends and family that we haven’t seen in a while. This is especially true for friends and family that we have living long distance, such as in other countries. It is easier to post a message on someone’s wall asynchronously and know that they will see it eventually as a opposed to waiting to call them at a specific time and not knowing whether they are available or not. Furthermore, Facebook helps a lot of people communicate at the same time. For example, if I wanted to plan a birthday party, I could create an event page on Facebook. I would include all of the details of the party and invite all of my friends to see the page. This is easier than sending out physical invitations or finding everyone in person to tell them about the party, and I will know almost instantly whether they are able to attend or not.

In conclusion, Facebook has a bad reputation but it definitely does have social advantages. It allows us to stay in constant communication with our friends and family and could help us collaborate with our classmates to complete school work.

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