PowerShell Scripts

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PowerShell”s basis is script commands and processes (Genesereth, 1994). These scripts help an individual execute computer processes which would have been hard to perform without the scripts. Scripts also help fix computer issues such as updating software and installing certain software on a computer (Genesereth, 1994). Once an individual has the framework of creating their scripts, they can add some advanced logic that involves conditionals and loops. PowerShell scripts are text files with special filename extensions that belong to ps1. To come up with a script, one has to have several PowerShell commands following a Notepad file sequence. However, one could use any text file editor they prefer, and then save the file under the title “Name.ps1,” and in this case, the “Name” is an easy-to-remember script”s description.

A “runonce” script is one example of a script that helps install software. The script runs on the registry of Windows. Its format is “.bat.” the file”s lines of code run the program once. For example, an individual may need to load a program the next time a user logs into the computer.

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The Parameter InstallerPath is another example of a script. The location of this script can be on a network or local path. When the computer remotely specifies the MSU file, then the script will be executed and will install a “WUSA.exe” program. However, the script will ensure it protects the computer from any unintended installations. On the other hand, if the “.exe” file is specified, then the computer will use a quiet mode parameter when installing the application.

The “runonce” and “InstallerPath” scripts are important to the user because of different reasons. First, the “runonce” script allows the organization install software that requires being installed once. This helps avoid numerous unnecessary installations. On the other hand, the “InstallerPath” script is essential in the scenario where an individual would like to install software that is stored in the remote path of the computer, and in the scenario where the individual wants to avoid installing other applications together with the primary application they want installed.

  • Genesereth, M. R. (1994). Software Agents Michael R. Genesereth Logic Group Computer Science Department Stanford University.

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