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Professional Accountability Coursework

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Health care professionals have a series of obligations and responsibilities that are associated with their activities. Accountability is one of the obligations that is required of the health professionals. Accountability assists them to have high levels of commitment to their professional duties. Carrying out various interventions is one of the activities that requires high levels of accountability from the health experts (Margaret, 2011). The nurses and other experts should always put their efforts and strengths to ensure that health care institutions and programs meet the expectations of the society. In the development and promotion of the health initiatives, they should always be consistent with the professional principles and the protocols of practice.

Accountability is very essential in the detection and management of the diseases in the society. The activities associated with the identification and prevention of the illnesses and the predisposing factors requires a lot of planning and management of various risks to ensure that there is a smooth operation of the interventions. The required level of accountability assist the experts to maintain focus on the ultimate aim of the intervention strategies by engaging their assurance and obligation to the intervention strategies (Margaret, 2011). This assists in preventing the possibility of negative outcomes from the programs used.

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A screening event entails numerous activities. This includes taking the population at risk through various tests in order to ascertain the prevalence of the medical condition. These tests require undertaking numerous medical procedures and recording them in order to prepare for the assessment of the medical conditions of the communities under attack (Margaret, 2011). Handling the medical records and tests requires accountability from the professionals carrying out the exercise because of the integrity that is associated with the medical records that are acquired in the screening process. Accountability assist in protecting the patients from unauthorized access.

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