Professional Background And Career

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Perhaps the most notable feature of my personal background is my immigration status. I was born and raised in the West African nation of Nigeria and four years ago, I fulfilled a life-long dream when I became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America. Unlike many other immigrants who come to America in search of a better life economically, I was drawn to this country for the freedoms, political, social and personal American citizenship affords. I also knew that citizenship offered a unique opportunity to restructure and reshape my life in a way that would benefit society. It is with this goal in mind that I embarked on a journey to become a financial services professional.

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While my professional background to date has been in the field of Human Services, much of what I have observed led me to consider this diverse field. In the course of my professional experience counseling mental health patients and also as a volunteer tax preparer, I have observed the need for a strong financial foundation. Lack of knowledge with respect to finances and the options available, can lead to deleterious consequences when life’s vicissitudes strike. Through my work as a volunteer tax preparer, I have witnessed the inherent value concomitant with educating others.

Perhaps the most significant way in which this scholarship can help me achieve my goal is through financing. As you will note from my resume, I worked my way through an Associates in Science at Bunker Hill Community College, earning a 3.59 gpa in the process and a spot on the Dean’s List for two semesters. These achievements are contemporaneous with my full-time professional responsibilities and demonstrate my commitment to excellence. Receiving this scholarship would naturally alleviate some of the financial burden I face and I would therefore, have more time to devote to my studies.

In intend to pursue an undergraduate degree in Accounting and later, an M.B.A. in Finance. The main reason I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting is to increase my professional flexibility within the financial services field. Most position within the financial services industry require solid quantitative and analytical skills. A first degree in Accounting will provide me with those skills, while an advanced degree in Finance will sharpen and refine my focus.

Giving back to my community, where-ever I find it is extremely important to me, as evidenced by my pro bono work as a tax preparer. One reason I enjoy this role is because I am able to share my knowledge in an effort to help others fully benefit from our tax laws. Beyond this, my training as a volunteer tax prepare has also afforded me the opportunity to counsel the public on how to minimize their tax liabilities. Once I have completed my formal education, inclusive of the aforementioned M.B.A., I plan to continue my voluntary efforts to educate the public and help others build strong financial futures, particularly within low-income areas.

Moreover, as an immigrant and person of color in America, I further hope that by joining this profession, I would add significant diversity to this field and in doing so expand opportunities for those similarly situated.

Finally, receiving this scholarship would not only reduce my financial burden, but in doing so it would also provide me with more time to excel academically. Although I did well in community college, particularly given my obligations, I know I can achieve more, if were able to devote more time studying. For me, this is more than financing, it is an investment in a future leader in this field.

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