Samples Management Project Management: Operation Breakfast

Project Management: Operation Breakfast

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Step 1 – Initiating:
Project Summary: The goal of this project is to make a successful breakfast.
Stakeholders: Purchaser of food being used, Cook, Those eating the breakfast.

Step 2 – Planning – Work Breakdown Structure:
Work Packages: Materials must be located, materials must be combined in an edible manner, the table must be set, those eating must be called to the table, and all should sit down and consume the food.
The Schedule: 8:10am – enter kitchen, 8:15am – locate materials, 8:20am – combine materials in an edible fashion, 8:25am – set table, 8:30am – gather those eating, 8:35am – sit down together to eat.
The Resources: Frying pan, bacon, spatula, stove, bread, toaster, butter, knife, cereal, bowls, milk, spoons, napkin, orange juice, glasses
The Budget: Cost of bacon: $3.25; Cost of frying pan, spatula, stove, toaster, knife, bowls, spoons and glasses: none, already owned; Cost of bread: $0.89; Cost of butter: $3.25; Cost of cereal: $2.85; Cost of milk: $3.76; Cost of napkins: $1.18; Cost of orange juice: $1.89; Total Cost: $17.07 not including tax.
The Risks: Bacon may end up too crispy. Toast may become burnt. Orange juice may spill. Milk may spill. Glass may break. Grease fire may occur. Toaster may short out, causing electrical fire.
The Communication Plan: Once breakfast is ready, it will be yelled up the stairs that all parties must appear at the table for sustenance.
The Quality Management: If food is not to the liking of a particular party, they will be advised to not eat it.

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Step 3 – Execution:
Resource Procurement: The frying pan will be removed from the cabinet, the bacon, milk, orange juice and butter will be removed from the fridge. The napkins will be retrieved from the counter. The spatula will be retrieved from the cooking utensil drawer. The butter knife and spoons will be retrieved from the flatware drawer. The glasses will be retrieved from the cabinet. The cereal will be retrieved from the pantry. The bread will be retrieved from the breadbox. The toaster is already located next to the stove.

Step 4 – Monitoring and Controlling:
Data Collection and Evaluation: Persons eating breakfast will be asked how everything is, and their responses will be noted.

Step 5 – Closing the Project:
Closeout Report: Each party who ate will be responsible for disposing of their trash, rinsing out their dirty dishes, and placing the dirty dishes in the sink. The cook will be responsible for loading the dishwasher and wiping down the counters and dining room table.