Promotion for a Resort

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Promotion is a type of marketing at the consumer or business-level that is used to introduce a new product or service, clear out inventories, attract traffic, or lift sales temporarily (INC.). There are different types of promotions that can be used by businesses to increase awareness about their products or services. One type of promotion is demos and sampling in which the business gives out a free sample of a product or demonstrates the use of a product or service live. The purpose behind the demos and sampling is to encourage consumers to try a product or service they would not have otherwise. Coupon is another type of sales promotion. The coupons are incentives given to the consumers to purchase a certain product or service because coupons usually result in a discounted price. The businesses may mail the coupons to the consumers, place them in magazines and newspapers, or place them in the store. A similar promotion type to coupons is price reduction which may take the form of sale or unadvertised discounts on certain products or services. Discounted prices may also be offered to loyal customers to encourage repeat business. One type of sales promotions businesses use is free products or service trials. Free products or service trials may be given at special events or with the purchase of a certain product or service (JOSEPH, Chris). Other types of promotions include sweepstakes and contests, store displays, and rebates (INC.).

The promotional activities yield one or more of several benefits. First of all, they help expand the size of the customer base because they may encourage consumers to give a try to the product or service they may not have otherwise. Some of these customers will be impressed with the product or service and turn into regular customers. The promotions may also encourage the existing customers to make repeat purchases (JOSEPH, Chris). The promotions may serve as a reminder to the customers that the product or service still exists or is available at distribution channels near to them. The promotions also provide information to the customers that aid them with the decision making process. For example, the consumers may become better aware of the different choices available to them or they gain better knowledge of the features of a certain product or service (JOSEPH, Chris). The sales promotions may also help strengthen customer loyalty. This is, especially, valuable in an environment of intense competition when consumers have a great number of choices available to them. This helps the business protect its market share from the competition.

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A resort may have several promotional strategies available to it. It may create demo videos of its services and play them on the social media such as YouTube. The company may also run sweepstakes on websites such as Facebook that may encourage the contestants to invite their friends to increase the chances of winning. This strategy will provide valuable mouth-of-marketing on the social media where each entrant usually has hundreds of friends. The company may also promote itself by offering specialized packages to certain group of customers such as romantic couples, newlyweds, and spring breakers. The specialized packages may include features particularly appealing to the consumer group that is targeted. The resort may also combine digital promotion with real-world promotion tools. It may partner with shopping malls and travel agents to put promotional displays in places with maximum visibility.

The promotion is a marketing activity that is intended to increase business and/or product/service visibility. There are different types of promotion such as coupons, sales discounts, contests and sweepstakes, and free product/service trial giveaways. The promotion tools offer several benefits such as increasing product recognition, encouraging new consumers to try the product, and encouraging existing customers to make repeat purchases. A resort has several options available to it such as running a sweepstake, creating video demos, and creating specialized packages for certain customer groups.

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