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Proposed Management Structure

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An organization is only as good as its employees, including its management team. The management team exists to ensure that business operations run smoothly, that the business remains profitable, and the company continues to operate in a manner that aligns with its strategic goals and vision. Implementing an effective management structure is thus a key component of developing a solid business plan. In the case of TRM Painting, the management structure will be essential to the success of the organization.

Several proposed management structures exist in the business research literature. In the case of TRM painting, a small services organization, a functional organizational structure would be the ideal management structure. A functional organizational structure is characterized as a structure “centered on job functions” and one where a company utilizing it are highly project based (Suttle n.d.).

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In the case of TRM painting, the company would benefit from three departments. One would be the painting services department, which would include a Painting Services Manager and then a number of painting professionals that are able to work in teams for larger projects, or independently for smaller projects. The manager’s purpose would be to organize the teams, ensure that projects were appropriately scheduled as jobs are received, and completed according to the scheduled deadlines. The manager would additionally train new painting professionals, resolve scheduling conflicts, and report any issues or concerns to the CEO.

A second department would be the business development department which would include a marketing /communications professional, and a team of two sales professionals under the direction of a Director of Business Development. The marketing/communication professional’s focus would be on developing and updating web content, overseeing social media, designing advertisements, as well as other promotional campaigns in support of the sales personnel. The sales professional would focus on a mix of inbound and outbound sales in the form of account management of corporate clients who receive painting services on a regular basis in addition to cold calling new potential corporate clients to schedule consultations for commercial painting services. In addition to corporate clients, the sales professional would also work to schedule estimates and appointments for residential clients seeking painting services.

The third department would consist of the executive team, including the CEO of the company who oversees all company decisions and operations. In addition to the CEO, the executive team could include an executive assistant that could also work as a human resources generalist to manage all employee records, lend administrative support, coordinate the hiring process, as well as other similar tasks.

In total, the company would have approximately 8-10 employees depending on the number of painting professionals needed in order to maintain the workload brought in by the business development team.

In order to maintain a talented and dedicated workforce, the talent acquisition strategy would include a mix of outside recruitment through open job posts posted in local media sources, such as news agencies, newspapers, and job boards such as and When hiring managerial talent, it may also be beneficial to work with a recruiter in order to recruit top-tier talent that will be essential to the success of TRM painting.

The hiring process would include a mix of pre-interview screenings through questionnaires prior to an on-site interview with the CEO (when hiring managerial staff) or with the department manager when hiring department-level employees. A series of interview questions will be developed in addition to sharing the company’s mission statement as well as essential job duties and expectations with the candidate during the interview process.

Selected candidates will be notified of their selection within two weeks of the interview date unless otherwise noted and will be provided with an offer letter signed by the CEO stating the salary being offered, an overview of employee benefits, and a date by which to accept or reject the offer. Counter offers will be decided upon by the CEO depending on company resources and candidate experience.

While the current organizational structure covers the necessary elements of success for the organization, including marketing and sales professionals to draw in business as well as a painting services team comprised of professionals to perform the painting services, TRM painting could benefit from occasional outsourcing.

In the case of sales and marketing, TRM organization can benefit greatly from outsourcing leads generation during slower months when the organization is seeking new business opportunities. This way, the business can continue to successfully operate most of the year with one sales professional with the support of outsourcing the leads generation process periodically. On the other end of the spectrum, during the busiest times of the year, outsourcing painting professionals may be necessary in order to fill-in for individuals who may be on vacation or for larger jobs that may require additional painting professionals on the team without necessarily having a need to hire one full time. In this case, either outsourcing or working with a temp agency or independent contractors may prove beneficial to the organization in order to meet its current needs without changing the organizational structure drastically.

The implementation of a functional organizational structure is the best fit for TRM Painting due to its segmentation of units and managerial tiers where distinct team leaders report to the CEO and keep their respective teams organized and on target. Before coming to a point where such an organizational structure can be implemented, the proper talent will need to be acquired and put into place through a defined hiring strategy. Lastly, where additional staffing and sales resources are necessary, outsourcing will be used in order to cultivate additional leads as well as add temporary painting staff during the peak painting season or for large-scale jobs. The proposed structure thus provides a foundation upon which TRM Painting & Decorating can build an effective workforce in a collaborative work environment.

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