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Reflection on a Technology Fast

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I never thought that fasting from technology for twenty-four hours would affect me much. Much like any addict if my technology use was questioned, I would respond, “I can quit anytime.” However, when I fasted from all of my social media accounts for twenty-four hours, I found it to be much more difficult than I imagined.

I chose to give up my social media accounts since fasting from the internet or my phone would not be logistically possible with work and school. I never imagined how much time I spend on social media web sites, or even thinking about them. I caught myself reflexively reaching for my phone to check the statuses of my friends between classes, and opening a new tab to bring up Facebook while studying.

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Obviously, if I am spending this time thinking about using a website then I am not being as productive as I could be, however, I also had no way to contact old friends without it. I realized how many friends, classmates, and colleagues that I do not have the phone numbers of, and especially do not have their e-mails addresses. I have never needed their phone number or e-mail since I could always contact them through Facebook.

Social media has begun to invade my life more than I realized, but our lifestyles have grown with this evolution. It is not simply used for mindless time-wasting, but keeping in contact, and making plans.